Forget iPhone 3G S: Eight Great New iPhone Alternatives

Apple unveiled its latest smartphone offerings this week, in the form of two new devices: the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 3G S. That's all fine and good for Apple fanatics; you can have your spiffed up iPhones. Here are eight more devices we like just as much - or more - than Cupertino's new mobile wares.

After much hype—and a bit of hysteria—Apple finally unveiled its new iPhone this week at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco: the iPhone 3G S.

iPhone 3G S is packed with all of the existing features of the iPhone 3G, and according to Apple "everything [inside] is faster." We're not so sure about that statement, but there's one thing that is certain: There are plenty of alternative devices on the market you should see before dropping a chunk of change on the iPhone 3G S—even if you're a Mac-crazed iPhone lover.

What follows is our collection of the eight best high-end smartphones available today, from companies like Research In Motion, Palm, HTC and Nokia. You'll also find our reasons why you might want one—or all—of them over the new iPhone.

Pop on the slides for specifics.

Palm Pre

Description: Palm's first webOS-based device finally arrived after months of rumors. Packed with features and a shiny new user interface, the Pre represents struggling Palm's last ditch effort to get back into the smartphone game along with Apple and RIM—and based on early first impressions, the Pre just might do the trick.

Pricing: $199.99 with new, two-year Sprint service agreement and $100 mail-in rebate.

Availability: June 6, 2009 via Sprint, though supply shortages are expected due to very strong demand.

What Pre Has That iPhone Doesn't: More compact size; physical, full QWERTY keyboard; brand new webOS handheld software.

Palm Inc.