Free Palm Pre Apps: Eight Great Downloads

The Palm Pre App Catalog may not be bursting at the seams with quality mobile applications - it's only a week old, after all. But we found a handful of gems. Here are eight free Palm Pre apps you don't want to miss.

Tue, June 16, 2009

CIOThe Pre, Palm's first device to run the brand new webOS mobile operating system, just hit the U.S. market, but application developers are already working studiously away on Pre apps to populate the company's equally new app store, the Pre "App Catalog."

Right now, App Catalog pickings are relatively slim—at least in comparison to Apple's iTunes App Store or RIM's BlackBerry App World. But that doesn't mean there's no quality Pre software to be had. On the contrary; I found eight great free Pre apps that I know you'll love.

I've got apps for baseball fanatics, music lovers, movie buffs, social networking hounds, constant travelers and more. Keep moving for my list of hand-picked free Pre apps. And if you still seek more Pre-goodness, read, "Palm Pre Tips & Tricks: Killer Keyboard Shortcuts, Touch-Gestures and More".

Sporting News for Pre: Everything Baseball

If you're a Palm Pre owner and a baseball fan, you need to check out Sporting News Pro Baseball. I'm an avid Red Sox fan, and I'm constantly searching for new ways to stay up to date with my team's various happenings. I'm also a connoisseur of fine mobile applications—I write weekly free BlackBerry apps stories. And I can honestly say I've yet to find another baseball app for any platform that I like more than Sporting News Pro Baseball for Pre.

Sporting News Pro Baseball for Palm Pre Screen Shots
Sporting News Pro Baseball for Palm Pre Screen Shots

The free app not only provides the basics like league-wide scores and statistics, users have easy, one-click access to news from around the American and National leagues, as well as team-specific stats and rosters, schedules and standings. You can even create your own fantasy baseball team within the app.

Navigation is a breeze, thanks to well-designed pages and intuitive controls. And marking certain teams as "favorites" brings scores and other information on those teams directly to the app's landing page for quick and easy access.

To find Sporting News Pro Baseball, search the Palm Pre App Catalog for "baseball."

LinkedIn for Palm Pre: Get Connected on the Go

LinkedI n is one of the most popular business-oriented social networks, and the LinkedIn for Pre app gives you access to most all of its basic features from wherever you have wireless connectivity.

The main LinkedIn for Pre landing screen displays all of your "Connections," which you can scroll through by dragging a finger up or down on the device's display. Click on a connection and you can view individual profiles, which include information like geographical region, industry, number of connections, work experience, education and current company listings, as well as a "Message button" that lets you quick compose messages to contacts.

LinkedIn for Palm Prwe Screen Shots
LinkedIn for Palm Pre Screen Shots

A tiny Inbox icon in the bottom right corner lets you check your inbox for new messages with a single click. And an Add New Contact icon in the lower left corner on the app's main screen means you can quickly send out invitations to connect with new contacts.

It's also worth noting, that no such BlackBerry app exists—I honestly have no idea why—so Pre owners have a leg up on BlackBerry users in that regard.

To find the app, search the Palm Pre App Catalog for "LinkedIn."

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