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Wed, July 08, 2009


Searching for a Job in a Recession

10 Secrets for Searching for a Job in a Recession

Focusing your efforts on jobs in growing industries and demonstrating how your work has generated revenue are just two simple ways to distinguish yourself from the rest of the job seekers competing for positions in a down economy.

2 More Secrets for Improving Your Job Search in a Recession

The outlook for IT jobs in 2009 is mostly grim, so job seekers have to use a different and more aggressive approach to finding a new job.

The New IT Survival Guide: How to Thrive After the Recession

In the 'new normal,' businesses want more than tech skills from their hires; here are the changes IT pros should expect.

Long-Term Unemployment and Your Job Search: 10 Ways to Compete

While job seekers face increasing challenges as the length of their unemployment grows, landing a new job is not impossible. An executive coach and a staffing expert offer 10 tips for staying competitive in a long-term job search.

Job Search Secrets: Targeting Done Right

If your job search centers on your résumé and scattershot networking, you may never find a new job, says career coach Vicki Brackett. Here, she proposes the targeted job search as the most effective job hunting strategy in a recession.

Recruiters' Secrets: 6 Job Hunting Tips for a Tough Market

Whether they're employed or unemployed, IT professionals are anxious about their job prospects during this recession. They want to know how to navigate the worst job market in years and how they can differentiate themselves. Here's direct advice from recruiters on job hunting, with and without a recruiter.

6 Tactics for Today's Job Search

Outdated job-search tactics can undermine your effort to land a new gig. In a competitive job market, fine-tuning your approach to meet present conditions can mean the difference between frustration and success.

Best Practices for Getting Hired in a Downturn

Robert Half Technology's Dave Willmer looks at the IT jobs landscape.

Finding a Job When Times Are Tough

The executive director of Robert Half Technology discusses finding a job in a deep recession.

Should You Take a Lower-Level Job?

Many career experts warn job seekers against taking lower-level jobs. They argue it does a disservice to the job seeker's career. But in this economy, taking a lower-level job might actually be a smart career move. Here's why.

Is Any Job Better Than None?

Even for those of us who experienced the tough IT times of 2000, this year is different. In the wake of the overall economic challenges that started in late 2008, many of us in the IT profession find ourselves in uncharted waters. And for some, these are troubled waters indeed.

It's Not You. It's the Economy

Time for a reality check: Your lack of progress in your job search isn't due to any personal or professional deficiency, says executive recruiter Mark Jaffe.

The Wackiest Thing You've Done to Get a Job

From sandwich boards to billboards, desperate job seekers are taking extreme measures to market themselves to prospective employers.

How Long Have You Been Looking for a Job?

Executives can expect to be on the hunt at least a year, says one executive recruiter.

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