What RIM's Torch Mobile Deal Means for the BlackBerry Browser--and You

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion's (RIM) recent acquisition of developer Torch Mobile suggests the BlackBerry's Web browser may soon be getting a much-needed makeover. That's great news for BlackBerry users--but it'll be a year or more before the fruits of the RIM/Torch deal reach the market. Here's why.

Tue, August 25, 2009
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Still, it will be some time before BlackBerry users see any sort of significantly revamped BlackBerry browser. As is, RIM's current crop of BlackBerrys aren't nearly "strong" enough for full Flash or Silverlight support. Also, faster processors and network transfer speeds will be necessary before Flash comes to the BlackBerry Browser, as noted in the BGR report.

It will also take time for RIM and Torch to "pool their resources" and get down to business, though Torch has reportedly ceased work already on all Windows Mobile-related initiatives. Its Iris Browser is expected to be discontinued, so the group's efforts will clearly be dedicated to improving the BlackBerry Browser experience from here on out.

It's also worth noting that RIM's no stranger to such deals; in fact, competitive acquisitions have become a part of its business strategy. For example, RIM announced last December that it would acquire Chalk Media, so it could employ and build upon Chalk's Mobile chalkboard "pushcast" offering.

So what does this all mean for the BlackBerry Browser? To sum it up: RIM's in the process of seriously revamping its browser, and though it'll probably be later rather than sooner that we see results--don't hold your breath on that summer 2010 ETA--the Web-surfing future is bright for BlackBerry users. So prepare those Ray-Bans.


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