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Tue, February 12, 2013
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Facebook Apps & Features

How to Use Facebook's New Job Search App

Facebook's new app aggregates job listings from top recruiting sites. Given Facebook's personal nature, would you use the social network to job hunt? Here's a look at how the app works.

How 4 New Websites for Cool Facebook Cover Photos

Searching for the perfect cover photo to complete or spruce up your Facebook profile? These four new sites offer stock images, original designs and customized photo collages.

5 Facebook Pages and Apps for Election Day

Still undecided about who to vote for? Want the latest information and results from the campaign trail? Here's a look at five Facebook apps and pages dedicated to the 2012 presidential election.

Turn Facebook Into Pinterest With This New App

Take the design element from Pinterest, add your content from Facebook and you have Pinview -- a new Facebook app that gives you an alternative way of viewing your friends, News Feed, Timeline and more.

How to Stop the Facebook Baby Invasion

If your Facebook news feed is overrun with your friends' babies, this Google Chrome extension replaces their photos with something equally adorable but slightly less annoying. Like cats. Or dogs. Or bacon.

Facebook Business Cards: Will You Use Them? [Poll]

One printing company has partnered with Facebook to create business cards that pull information and images from your profile. Are these business cards innovative, or do they go too far in blurring the line between your personal life and professional goals?

'Facewash' App Quickly Cleans Up Your Facebook Profile

A new Facebook app makes it easier to find and remove unprofessional posts. Here's how it works.

Facebook Announces New Timeline Apps at SXSW

Facebook's most successful Timeline apps, which launched two months ago, have seen big upticks in traffic. Yesterday at SXSW, the social network announced a new batch of apps, including Foursquare and Nike. Facebook touts that nearly 3,000 Timeline apps are now available.

How Secure Are Your Facebook Apps?

How well do Facebook apps protect your privacy? Before you download something new and agree to share information, check out how Privacyscore rates its first.

Facebook Smart Lists Tool Silences News Feed Noise

If you want to see more in your News Feed from the friends you interact with regularly, Facebook's newest tool helps you add acquaintances to a list so you see fewer posts from them. Here's how to use it.

How to Use Facebook's New 'Interest Lists'

Facebook's new "Interest Lists" feature lets you subscribe to user-generated lists on topics that matter to you. While it has potential, it also has glaring problems Facebook needs to fix.

10 Offbeat Gifts for the Facebook Obsessed

From tombstones to oven mitts, here's a collection of gifts suitable for the most devout Facebook aficionados. What's not to 'Like?'

Facebook Launches Messenger for Windows

Facebook's new desktop client lets you chat with and message friends as well as view updates such as new comments and photo tags without having to be logged on to

Facebook A How-to Guide for the New Facebook Business Pages

Timeline has finally come to Facebook Pages. Here's a look at how the features differ from your personal Timeline and how you can best optimize them to market your business and communicate with your customers.

Facebook's Redesigned News Feed: 4 Things You Need to Know

In its third major update in a week, Facebook launched a new News Feed interface that predicts stories you'll find interesting and includes a ticker that updates in real-time. Here's what the changes mean for you.

Facebook's New Friend Lists: 6 Things You Need to Know

Facebook just launched a new feature that lets you quickly group friends into lists to make sharing with certain people easier. Here are six important facts you should know before you get started.

10 Must-Have Facebook Apps and Add-Ons

Are you a Facebook user and a music- or movie-buff? Can't wait for an official "Dislike" button? Or always looking to identify connections who've "unfriended" you? If so, download these 10 must-have Facebook apps and add-ons.

Facebook Groups Gets Update; "Like Button 2.0" and More

Facebook is rolling out upgrades to its "Groups" feature, including a new item akin to the popular "Like" button.

Facebook Questions: 4 Warnings Before You Start

Facebook started rolling out the updated Questions platform to all users yesterday. But before you try it, consider some privacy, search and online reputation issues.

Facebook Tracks Gross National Happiness: How Content Are We?

What were the happiest days of the year? Facebook's tool reveals highs and lows throughout the last two years.

7 of the Most Bizarre Facebook Apps

Facebook has been branded by many as a notorious waste of time, and welcoming these seven apps to its collection certainly hasn't helped its reputation. From photo-altering apps to random name generators, Facebook's Application Directory is chock full of absurd add-ons.

4 Facebook Productivity Apps -- Yes, Productivity

Think Facebook and productivity don't go together? Facebook time does not always equal wasted time. These four Facebook apps help you streamline and simplify your browsing, share documents with Facebook contacts and more.

4 Facebook Apps That Add Professionalism to Your Profile

Facebook doesn't have to be all fun and games. Check out these business-focused applications that give your friends--and potential future employers--a glimpse into your on-the-clock life.

8 Must-Have Facebook and Twitter Add-Ons

You can solve several of your top gripes with Twitter and Facebook by using free, downloadable tools. For those days when you see the glass as half-empty, one tool tracks when people "unfriend" you.

Facebook Apps All Grown Up: Four to Watch

Down in Palo Alto this week,'s C.G. Lynch examined a slew of start-ups that have built cool features into apps and services that allow people and businesses to utilize Facebook for more than just games. Here are his favorites.

Facebook How-To Tip: Manage Applications on the New Facebook

Confused by all those new tabs in Facebook? In this Facebook tip of the week, learn how to manage Facebook applications wisely and ditch apps that you no longer want.

Facebook Tips: How to Stay Safe While Using Games and Apps

The maker of the popular FarmVille game has agreed to change its practices that subjected Facebook users to some scammy offers. But the more games and apps that you use on Facebook, the higher your risk for malware, phishing scams and hacking. Here are four tips for staying secure.

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