BlackBerry Bold 9700: Why It's RIM's Best BlackBerry Ever

RIM's latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, is now available in the United States from both T-Mobile and AT&T.'s BlackBerry guru Al Sacco explains why the Bold 9700 is the best RIM smartphone ever (think: battery life) despite minor drawbacks (think: on-device storage.)

Mon, November 23, 2009

CIO — BlackBerry enthusiasts, "CrackBerry" addicts and gadget-heads in the United States can now officially purchase Research In Motion's (RIM) latest and greatest smartphone: the BlackBerry Bold 9700. I've used many BlackBerrys in my day, but this is almost my dream smartphone...almost.

image of RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9700
RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9700

T-Mobile became the first U.S. carrier to offer RIM's new Bold smartphone when it listed the device for sale last Monday for $199.99 with a new, qualifying two-year wireless service contract. AT&T quickly followed suit, releasing its own version of the Bold 9700 to the masses a week later for the same exact price and contract commitment--after a mail-in rebate.

I've been using the T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 for a few weeks now, and I'm nothing short of infatuated with the smartphone. It has nearly everything I want in a high-end device. It's reasonably priced--the original BlackBerry Bold, the Bold 9000, was more expensive upon release more than a year ago and still sells for $199.99 on contract. And the 9700's just plain ol' good-lookin'.

Here are nine reasons, in reverse order, why the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 is RIM's best BlackBerry ever. If you're considering a BlackBerry upgrade or are thinking of taking the plunge into the world of BlackBerry for the first time, I strongly suggest you keep these points in mind when checking out the Bold 9700.

Still, you'll find a few minor shortcomings. None of them are deal-breakers in my opinion--I wouldn't be naming the Bold 9700 RIM's best BlackBerry ever if they were---but the points are worth noting, nonetheless.

Hit that jump for specifics. And you can check out a full BlackBerry Bold 9700 unboxing here.

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