Smartphone Stocking Stuffers: 15 Hot Accessories and Add-Ons's mobile guru Al Sacco scoured the Web for the best and most affordable stocking stuffers sure to bring joy to the hearts of smartphone-lovers this holiday season - iPhone, BlackBerry, Window Mobile, Palm and Android users alike. With our smartphone accessory gift guide, you can quickly please every handset hound on your list.

Forget Zhu Zhu Pets. Toodle-oo, Twilight merchandise. Whatever, Wii.

The hottest "toys" on the market this holiday season are smartphones. And nobody knows this better than gadget-accessory-makers, who've pulled out all the stops to help make every smartphone the best it can be.

From custom leather cases and Bluetooth gizmos that boost your smartphone-multimedia experience, to unique charging accessories and extended battery packs, plenty of add-on delights await. I've combed online and brick-and-mortar shops for the coolest of these smartphone accessories, at the best prices.

Read on for specifics and where-to-buy information on each product. One interesting note: Time and time again, I came back to for the best deals. When I refer to "online prices" in the coming slides, it's mostly Amazon I'm talking about.

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Unique, Customizable Smartphone Battery Doors

One quick and easy way to customize a smartphone is by replacing the factory battery door with something more "festive"—where available. (Some smartphones, like Apple's iPhone, have fixed battery doors that cannot be removed.) Most BlackBerry smartphones have replaceable battery doors (about $20), and new options are simple to find on sites like Palm's new Pixi device can also be customized with a number of cool—yet costly—battery doors designed by notable artists ($50 each). Also check out for custom doors.; Palm Inc.; Coveroo