Cloud App Wars: Microsoft vs. Google

Microsoft is fighting for its future in the battle with archrival Google and others over who will rule productivity apps that run via the Web. Here's a complete guide to the business war, the competing products including Google Docs and Office 2010, the implications for users and IT, and more.

By CIO Staff
Wed, May 05, 2010


Microsoft Battles Google in Cloud Apps: The Big Picture


Google Apps Vs. Microsoft Office

Microsoft has long dominated the e-mail, collaboration and office tools market, but Google is launching a strong challenge.Here's a look at the fight -- and why more enterprises are going Google.

Los Angeles Chooses Google Apps Over Microsoft

The City of Los Angeles government is deploying Google Apps to alleviate three problems: a crushing budget deficit, IT staff shortage and widespread dissatisfaction with the current office software system.

Google Apps To Live or Die in LA?

The City of Los Angeles chose Google over Microsoft for e-mail, but an internal letter reveals regrets about "Going Google."

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