IBM, VMware Bolster Cloud App Development Resources

IBM and VMware are detailing efforts intended to boost development of software via the cloud computing paradigm.

By Paul Krill
Thu, October 21, 2010

InfoWorld — IBM (IBM) and VMware (VMW) are detailing this week efforts intended to boost development of software via the cloud computing paradigm.

IBM, for its part, is expanding its cloud services for software development and testing, improving capabilities for application planning and load testing.

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Improvements are being made to the Smart Business Development & Test on the IBM Cloud, a cloud software development and testing platform announced in March. Among the improvements is the addition of Windows application development support for Windows 2003 and 2008 Data Center Editions; previously, only Linux and Java development were enabled.

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"What we've done is reduced the complexity to build apps for the cloud," said David Locke, IBM director of marketing for Rational.

Deployment and planning capabilities added to the cloud platform enable developers to graphically lay out an application deployment plan, via IBM Deployment Planning and Automation. Application deployment has been automated, with developers able to take a visual application plan and deploy the software onto the cloud.

For load testing, IBM is offering a preview of IBM Rational Load Testing on the IBM Cloud, for testers using IBM Rational Performance Tester to provision virtual test agents and generate virtual users.

IBM Global Business Services is introducing two testing services for the cloud platform, for virtualization and performance testing.

With the virtualization service, IBM will help customers move existing workloads onto the cloud. Performance testing services include utility-based testing for on-demand performance testing. The service identifies defects early in the development cycle, IBM said.

VMware this week announced a suite of cloud-based development and collaboration tools intended to simplify the application development process, called Code2Cloud.

Developed with Tasktop Technologies and initially intended for Java development, Code2Cloud enables developers to focus on business logic and writing code by removing the distractions of configuring development environments and setting up code repositories, VMWare said.

Featured is a set of development tools that will run in the cloud, providing capabilities such as issue-tracking and source code repository hosting, said Rod Johnson, senior vice president of the cloud application platform division at VMware.

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