BlackBerry How-To: Customize "In-Holster" Call, Alert Settings's mobile master Al Sacco explains how to change and set custom BlackBerry notification- and alert-settings for RIM smartphones when used along with compatible holsters, cases and pockets.

Mon, February 14, 2011

CIO — Did you know that certain Research In Motion (RIM) (RIM) and third-party holsters, cases and pockets are designed to work along with your BlackBerry smartphone to not only protect it from damage, but to save you battery and offer custom "in-holster" notifications and alerts?

BlackBerry 6 Sounds and Alerts Options Page
BlackBerry 6 Sounds and Alerts Options Page

If not, you're missing out on a number of cool and valuable features that help set BlackBerry apart from its competitors.

Not a holster-on-the-belt kind of person? No, me neither. But that's okay. The custom BlackBerry "in-holster" features also work with any BlackBerry case or leather pocket with the necessary "sleeper magnet," the majority of which are made by RIM. (Check out RIM's online store,, for a complete list of official cases/holsters/etc. that allow for custom BlackBerry notifications and battery savings.)

Keep reading for details on how to modify and set custom BlackBerry smartphone in-holster settings. (Note: The following instructions apply to any BlackBerry smartphone running RIM's BlackBerry 6 mobile OS.)

BlackBerry Holster Alert/Vibration Settings for Individual "Profiles"

You can set your BlackBerry smartphone to play specific alert-sounds and/or vibrate while in a compatible holster with sleeper magnet, whenever e-mail messages, phone calls or application notifications are received.

To set in-holster profile settings, first choose the profile you want to modify and then open it by clicking the Profiles key, located in the top-left corner of your BlackBerry 6 smartphone's home screen. Next, scroll all the way down to bottom of your profile list and click the Change Sounds and Alerts option. (Note: By selecting this option, you're modifying only the active profile. In other words, you need to set each individual profiles as active to change settings for those specific profiles.)

To modify your in-holster notification settings for phone calls, click to open the Phone Ring Tone listing within Change Sounds and Alerts. Then change the Play Sound option to Always, In holster or Out of holster.

Finally, modify the holster settings for the Vibrate listing on the same page, based on your preferences, save your changes and you're all set.

To modify holster setting for e-mail, text messages and a variety of other applications, return to the Change Sounds and Alerts page, and choose Sounds for Selected Profile this time around. On the following page, select the appropriate message-inbox, application, etc., for which you want to customize in-holster settings. Then follow the process detailed above to customize each individual in-holster sound- and vibration-alert.

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