Amazon Appstore for Android: 5 Reasons to Love It--And 4 to Hate It

Trying to decide whether to download Amazon's new Appstore for Android mobile devices? Check out these five reasons to install the software now--and four reasons why you might want to pass, as's mobile maestro Al Sacco sees it.

Wed, March 23, 2011

CIO — took a significant step into the word of mobile applications this week with the launch of its Amazon Appstore for Android, now available for free to select users of Google (GOOG) Android devices.

Amazon Appstore for Android on Motorola's Atrix 4G Smartphone
Amazon Appstore for Android on Motorola's (MOT) Atrix 4G Smartphone

And the company is already making waves; Apple has filed suit against Amazon for its use of the term "app store;" and the Internet is all abuzz--good and bad--over the Amazon Appstore for Android, on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

But do you really need another Android software shop, in addition to Google's official Android Market? Keep moving for a list of Amazon Appstore for Android pros and cons, to help make an informed decision.

Reasons to Embrace Amazon's Appstore for Android

1) Get Paid Android Apps for Free

Amazon wants to draw users to its Appstore for Android via a "Free App of the Day" promotion, in which it's offering a paid app for free each day. The first free app offered: Angry Birds Rio, another spinoff game of the hugely popular original Angry Birds. Amazon also got exclusive distribution right to the new app for Android. As could be expected, this deal pulled in droves of Android users who might have otherwise held off on the new app store, at least at first.

The Amazon Appstore for Android has only been live for two days, but today's free app of the day is another quality download, the popular Texas Hold 'Em game, World Series of Poker: Hold 'em Legend, which retails for $5 on Google's Android Market.

It's unclear whether or not Amazon will be able to continue offering such high-profile software during these free daily app promos, but it's certainly off to a good start.

2) You're Already a Loyal Amazon Customer

If you already buy books, music or other products from, and you trust the online retailer, embracing the new Appstore for Android is a no-brainer. And you won't have to store any additional sensitive payment-card or other personal information with a new service, since you very likely already saved this data with Amazon.

3) Amazon Appstore for Android Offers Personalized Software Recommendations

Like the rest of Amazon's Web services, the Android software shop offers personalized recommendations based on items you've viewed or purchased in the past--something not currently available via Google's Android Market.

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