BlackBerry PlayBook Security Tips: How to Protect Your Tablet

Boost your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet security and protect your personal privacy with these simple tips and tricks, from's mobile maestro Al Sacco.

Fri, April 22, 2011
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BlackBerry PlayBook Browser Security

The BlackBerry PlayBook's Webkit browser is one of the coolest, most valuable features packed into RIM's tablet. However, there are secure--and private--ways to employ the PlayBook browser...and not so secure or private methods.

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Browser Security and Privacy Options
BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Browser Security and Privacy Options

If you wish to surf the Web via PlayBook without storing any kind of information on your browsing, the best bet is to enable PlayBook Private Browsing. Private Browsing lets you surf the Web without leaving any easily-discoverable traces of your digital whereabouts, such as browsing history, cookies, etc. Turn on PlayBook Private Browsing by launching your PlayBook Browser and sliding your finger down from the top of your tablet's display, to expose more browser options, including another gear-like icon labeled Options. Click the gear to open up your PlayBook browser options, then click to enable Private Browsing, which is turned off by default.

You can also change the duration for which your tablet stores browsing history, disable cookies, block pop-ups and more on this same browser options page.

In addition, you can block a Websites' ability to identify your location at a given time, via PlayBook browser, by selecting the Permissions option in your browser settings menu and then flipping the Allow Websites to Access My Location option to "Off".

Finally, if you value privacy and security above and beyond the advance browsing options, you can choose to disable the PlayBook browser's Flash and/or Javascript, two Web technologies that are often targeted by miscreants--and sometimes compromised.

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Full Security Wipe

All BlackBerry PlayBook users should know how to quickly "wipe" their tablets, or rapidly remove all personal data and applications, to return the device to a factory state, in case they ever need to return or exchange the device, or hand it over to another user.

Thankfully, RIM makes it very easy to perform a BlackBerry PlayBook security wipe. Just again open your PlayBook Settings options, and select the Security listing. On the next page, scroll down to and select the Security Wipe option, type the word "BlackBerry" into the provided space and click the on-screen Wipe Data button to initiate the security wipe.


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