BlackBerry PlayBook Tips for All RIM Tablet Users

Got yourself a shiny new BlackBerry PlayBook? Learn how to get more done in less time, boost tablet security, manage applications and more, using these seven easy PlayBook tips and tricks, courtesy of's Al Sacco.

Wed, May 11, 2011

CIO — Research In Motion's (RIM) (RIM) first tablet PC, the BlackBerry PlayBook, was released in the United States and Canada almost a month ago, on April 19. Whether you ran right out to your local electronics retailer to pick up a PlayBook and you haven't put it down since, or you just nabbed a RIM tablet of your own today, you're sure to benefit from the following seven PlayBook tips and tricks.

RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet
RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

Get around your device faster and do more in less time. Capture on-screen images and save them to your picture gallery. Manage Wi-Fi and connect to the networks you want, when you want. Boost browser security. Control how applications behave while multitasking, and more. Keep moving for specifics.

(You can also find a list of BlackBerry PlayBook security best practices here. And if it's BlackBerry PlayBook apps you seek, I've got your covered there, as well. Check out my two recent lists of PlayBook apps--all of which can be downloaded for free--here and here.)

Wake PlayBook Display with the Swipe of a Finger

You can wake your "sleeping" PlayBook at any time by depressing the device's power button, which is located on top of the tablet, next to the volume-up and volume-down keys. But the PlayBook's power key is a bit tiny, and it can be particularly hard to access if you're using a case or sleeve that covers the power and volume buttons--as is the case with many of RIM's own PlayBook protective products.

Thankfully, RIM built a gesture into the BlackBerry Tablet OS to allow you to wake your PlayBook's display without tapping the power button. Just slide a finger from the bottom gesture-area of your PlayBook's screen to the top, or vice versa, while it's sleeping to wake your display. (It would've been nice if RIM also included a similar gesture to power down the PlayBook's display, so swiping downward from the tablet's bezel would put the device to sleep, while swiping upward would light the display, for example. But perhaps a future software update will add a gesture to this effect.)

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