12 Tech Revolutions That Fizzled

Virtual reality and its oversize helmets. The Segway scooter. AT&T's Picturephone from 1964? These tech innovations and more were supposed to change your life. Whoops!

Virtual Reality (1990s)

Children of the 1990s will remember virtual reality for its brief season of ubiquity in video game arcades around the world. For a high fee, you could don a weighty piece of headgear and play simple shoot-'em-ups that tracked the motion of your head. Temporarily, virtual reality appeared to be the future of home entertainment, or perhaps the start of a societal transformation.

Immersive gaming and natural input eventually made their way into homes via Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's (MSFT) Kinect for Xbox 360, but stepping into your own virtual universe continues to be an idea better left to "Star Trek."

Republished with permission from PC World.