Ten Most Ridiculous Tech Lawsuits of the 21st Century

A woman sues Google for bad directions, another claims she's allergic to Pentium processors. These are real lawsuits from our tech-obsessed 21st century. We sifted through the dockets to find ten examples of weird litigation.

ETrade (ETFC) v. Lohan

When Lindsay Lohan watched a Super Bowl commercial featuring cute babies hawking services for the online brokerage ETrade, she apparently saw a little too much of herself. The former child star filed a $100 million lawsuit alleging defamation because she believed that one of the babies was clearly referring to her when alluding to "that milkaholic, Lindsay" in the ad.

Ridiculously enough, the parties actually reached a settlement in this case, meaning that Lohan probably walked away with some of ETrade's cash.

Republished with permission from PC World.