14 Tips for How to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest pros provide 14 keys to help you use the virtual bulletin--or 'pin'--board to promote your brand and drive traffic to your website or business.

By Jennifer Lonoff Schiff
Wed, March 21, 2012
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"One of our boards, entitled PR & Ad Agencies on the Web, serves as a hub for any data we have on that topic," she says. "Each chart is branded with our company name, website and the title of our research study, and also links back to a related blog post on our site." Lonelybrand also shares content from around the web (not just their own content), and Leonard says Pinterest has been an efficient way to organize and share data.

14. Find out who's pinning your images—and what your competitors and their customers are pinning. "All businesses should be using Pinterest for competitive intelligence, to see not only what their competitors are pinning but what users are pinning from their competitors' sites," argues Tricia Meyer, a marketing consultant specializing in affiliate marketing who runs MeyerTech, LLC. To find out who's pinning who, simply type "http://pinterest.com/source/WEBSITEURL/" (inserting the URL of the website you want to investigate where it says "WEBSITEURL") into your browser.

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Jennifer Lonoff Schiff is a contributor to CIO.com and runs a marketing communications firm focused on helping organizations better interact with their customers, employees, and partners.

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