Facebook Launches 'Offers,' Adds Coupons to Your News Feed

Facebook Offers, the social network's newest feature, lets businesses you like send you coupons and deals through posts that appear in your News Feed. Here's what you need to know about the feature and how to manage it.

Mon, April 16, 2012

CIO — Eight months after killing its Deals feature, Facebook is launching a new service called Offers, which makes discounts and coupons available from businesses you have "Liked" on the social network.

Facebook first announced Offers in March at its first-ever marketing conference in New York. The feature—which some say is just another push to to make ads look less conspicuous—will roll out gradually over the next few months.

Redeeming Facebook Offers is easy. Once you see an offer that interests you in your News Feed, click the "Get Offer" link. If you have more than one email listed on your Facebook account, choose the one you'd like Facebook to send the offer to.

Shortly after you select an offer, you'll receive an email. Bring the offer—either printed or on your mobile phone—to the business offering the deal and show it to the staff to redeem.

Facebook Offers do have expiration dates set by the business offering them so be sure to check the date listed below the offer's headline. The expiration date will also be included in the email you receive when you claim an offer.

Also note the Offer's terms and conditions, which are special redemption rules that apply. To read an offer's terms and conditions, click the offer's headline or refer to the email you receive when you made your claim.

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After you claim an offer, a story about it will automatically be added to your Timeline. By default, this story is visible to your friends, but you can change the privacy settings if you want to keep your offers private.

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