How to Use Facebook 'Offers' to Market Your Business

Facebook's newest feature lets business page admins create and target coupons and discounts for their Facebook audience. Here's how to get started with Offers, plus six handy tips for creating a successful campaign.

Wed, April 18, 2012

CIO — Facebook's new Offers feature lets businesses post coupons and discounts to their followers' News Feeds. First announced in March, Offers is rolling out gradually to select types of Facebook business pages.

Facebook says that Offers "are a great way to drive new people to your business and engage your customers. Coupons and discounts also encourage people to talk about your Page when your offers are shared between friends."

Offers are free for Page admins to create and share, and while right now it's available to only a small number of local business Pages, Facebook says it plans to launch Offers more broadly soon. If your Page doesn't yet have Offers but you'd like to use the feature, fill out this form on Facebook to request to be included.

Here's a look at how to create an Offer, and tips on designing a successful one.

How Page Admins Can Create a Facebook Offer

Log into your business's Facebook page and scroll to the top of the timeline. From the sharing tool at the top, click the Offer icon—a yellow square—that says, "Offer, Event +." Choose the Offer option.

Fill out the form that appears, including a headline for your Offer (Buy one pair of socks, get another pair free, for example.), a photo that will stand out in thumbnail size and the number of claims you're offering, plus the expiration date.

Choose the number of claims (i.e., the number of available offers) by clicking Unlimited and selecting a number from the drop-down menu. Choose the expiration date by clicking on the date listed (8/31/2012 in this case).

Lastly, add the terms and conditions of your Offer by filling in the appropriate space, then preview it and click Post. If you want to make changes to your Offer when you're previewing it, click Edit to go back and make changes.

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If you want to stop running an Offer before it expires, delete it. Do this by hovering over the offer, clicking the pencil icon, then selecting Delete. Deleting an Offer is permanent.

How to Design a Successful Facebook Offer

Facebook says that to ensure your Offer is claimed and shared, you should carefully consider its value, headline, image and language you use. "If people don't understand your Offer or think it looks like spam, they might hide it from their News Feeds, mark it as spam or unlike your page."

To prevent this, Facebook shares several tips to ensure your Offer is successful:

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