The Black Hat, BSidesLV and Defcon post-mortem

CSO takes a long, last look at highlights from the most recent Black Hat, BSidesLV and Defcon gatherings in Las Vegas.

By , Managing Editor
Wed, August 08, 2012

CSO — It's been two weeks since infosec practitioners were in Las Vegas for three big conferences, but people continue to discuss what they saw and heard there. To wrap up this year's coverage and keep those conversations going, we offer this library of stories and blog posts.

Security con harassment cuts both ways
There's a lot of discussion on Twitter about harassment at security conferences lately, sparked by a newly-announced harassment policy at Brucon. But is the debate too one-sided?

Phishing attacks illustrate failure of security awareness training
The results of a survey conducted at Black Hat suggest that security awareness training is indeed falling short, as are anti-spam tools. So says security vendor PhishMe.

Observations from Black Hat: More defense, please
A breakdown of observations from Forrester Research analyst Rick Holland.

Can hackers and photographers possibly get along?
By most accounts, Defcon 20 was a glorious affair full of all the content and camaraderi we've come to expect. But no matter how good the event, someone always finds something to grouse about. In this case, some had a problem with photographers. Being one of those photographers, I offer some thoughts.

Security Wisdom Watch: Black Hat-Defcon edition
The recent Black Hat and Defcon security conferences in Las Vegas illustrated plenty of fresh security challenges -- and the ridiculous ways in which some practitioners choose to conduct themselves.

#BlackHat: Confessions of an #infosec fanboy
I got home from Las Vegas and reached into my suitcase, eagerly pulling out a collection of T-shirts I acquired at Black Hat and BSidesLV. I immediately put on my favorite -- an Akamai shirt with a honey badger large and in charge across the chest. I looked in the mirror and admired it before a cold, sinking feeling came on.

#BlackHat2012: Schneier warns of major loss of IT control, but some see silver lining
At Black Hat yesterday I sat down with security luminary Bruce Schneier to discuss the current state of things, and he had a lot to say about cloud computing and the BYOD trend. For IT professionals and security executives, his message was clear: Your days of having control over the company network is over. Done. Dead.

Welcome to RSA ... I mean #BlackHat
Yesterday I walked into the room where all the vendor exhibits are and a strange feeling came over me, like I had been transported five months back in time to a place in San Francisco where the people were loud and the eye candy excessive. "Welcome to RSA," I thought to myself.

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