10 Must-Have Features for Windows 9

Desktop users deserve a significant rethink of the Windows 8 gaffes and omissions for the next version of Windows

By Woody Leonhard
Mon, December 03, 2012

InfoWorld — I've been using Windows 8 for almost a year now, and I constantly bump up against gaping holes in its design. From the beginning, Microsoft has offered users an awkward experience, one that, even when fully baked, has not impressed, leaving desktop diehards in the lurch as to how to make the most of Windows 8.

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It's almost as if Microsoft is banking on Windows 8 being a fertile feedback loop for Windows 9 -- where to steer its direction and how to make up for what two-faced Win8 lacks.

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No, I'm not whining about the Start menu. Again.

So with the Windows dev team hunkered down in the Win9 spec (or "Windows Blue"?) process -- when they aren't gossiping about Sinofsky, anyway -- it's due time we diehards speak out. Here are my 10 most important Windows 9 features, from the point of view of a dyed-in-the-wool desktop user.

Windows 9 must-have feature No. 10: "Get out of hell" modal dialog

Yes, I know the Metro Start screen is part of the package now, and I'll have to negotiate its tiled hoops from time to time. What I really want is some way to scan my system to see under what circumstances it'll jump from the desktop over to the Metro Start screen.

Some of the hell-jump triggers are obvious: Double-clicking on an MP3 file hops to Metro Music, for example, where you're engulfed by advertising for Microsoft's music store. I know I can cure that boorish behavior by installing a desktop music player.

But other jarring transitions aren't so obvious, their cures not so clear. Please, Microsoft, come up with a way to warn me in advance before I'm tossed to the Metro mutts.

Windows 9 must-have feature No. 9: Metro mute button

If Metro IE lands on a noisy page or I find myself inadvertently playing a Metro Video that's set to earsplitting levels, it takes a zillion clicks (or swipes and stabs and slides) to turn down the bloody volume.

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