How to Improve Your WordPress Site and Increase Sales With OptimizePress

OptimizePress can help small (even one-person) businesses add sites squeeze pages, sales pages and other components to their WordPress sites. This will make it easier to attract customers, capture their information and offer them relevant products or services beyond the initial freebie.

By Nathan Segal
Thu, January 17, 2013

CIO — As you build a website for your online business, three things will come in handy: a "squeeze page," a sales page and an autoresponder. This article explains how to use the OptimizePress template along with the static page feature in WordPress to set up these components and dictate users see when they come to your site.

A squeeze page is a short page that comes up when you visit a website. Its purpose is to capture your attention and to induce you to sign up for that site in exchange for a free offering, such as a report or tutorial video. The sign-up part of the squeeze page is a Web form that's part of an autoresponder. This article uses a sign-up form from iContact; other options include aWeber or Mailchimp.

An autoresponder is used to collect names and email addresses to build a list. This lets you follow up with prospects and clients after the fact with, say, timed email messages that can contain valuable information and/or a marketing pitch. Building a list is an important Internet marketing strategy—it gives you the opportunity to make many more sales to the same customer, who as a result could stay with you for many years.

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When someone signs up for your free offering, they receive a confirmation message from your autoresponder with information about the report or video. Other options include redirecting customers to the sales page that lists a single product offering or sending them a catalog of available products.

How to Build a Squeeze Page in OptimizePress

Squeze Page

Let's start with a squeeze page. The first step is to go to Pages > Add New and enter a title. In this case, as seen at right, it's "Want to Hire a Professional Writer?"

To the far right of the title, you'll see the OptimizePress Help section. To see what's available, click on View Template Gallery. This brings up the main templates page.

OptimizePress Template Gallery
The OptimizePress Template Gallery.

Next, click on the Squeeze Pages link. This brings up a variety of squeeze page designs, many of which can be customized.

OptimizePress Squeeze Page Templates
OptimizePress has numerous templates for squeeze pages.

Note that this is only where you preview the pages. You'll go somewhere else to actually use them. For now, close the template gallery.

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OptimizePress Page Attributes

Now it's time to move on to the Dashboard. Go to the right of side of the interface and look for the Page Attributes heading, seen at right. Below that, click on the popup below the Template heading and choose Squeeze 08.

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