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Tue, January 29, 2013



Social Business Case Studies

How Consumerization of IT Led Kaplan to Google Apps

At Kaplan, a genuine enthusiasm for technology comes from the top: Its CIO embraces the consumerization of IT and wants employees to be as excited about technology as he is. That culture led Kaplan to migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps and, mostly recently, to Google+.

How One Business Uses Social Networking and BPM to Handle Disasters

When a hurricane hit, insurance claim outsourcer Crawford & Company struggled to efficiently deploy adjusters. Here's how business process management and a social application helped the company move beyond whiteboards and sticky notes. Hits Homerun With Collaboration and Workflows

Producers at suffered from email overload and needed to streamline their workflow and increase collaboration. Here's a look at how they greatly reduced email and simplified its publishing processes.

TD Bank Gets Social, Cashes In on IT-Business Teamwork

A smooth and efficient business-IT partnership was imperative to TD Bank's successful enterprise social network deployment. Here's how they worked together to bring collaboration to more than 65,000 users.

5 Tips for Social Business Adoption: How SAS Succeeded

SAS needed a way to consolidate information repositories and wrangle millennials from using Facebook for work purposes. Here's how the business analytics company decided on and rolled out their enterprise collaboration platform, plus tips for success.

Students Turn Social Media Skills into Social Business Strategy

San Jose State University and IBM partner in a real-world project to help students translate their Facebook and Twitter prowess into powerful business strategies.

From Microsoft to Google Apps: Why We Migrated

Journal Communications had always been a Microsoft-based company. But when IT systems needed to be consolidated, they reexamined their portfolio and became a Google Apps-based business. Here's how they did it and why.

How Random House Overcame 3 Common Enterprise Collaboration Obstacles

Enterprise collaboration tools can foster better communication and elicit transparency from business units. Here's how Random House implemented an enterprise collaboration suite, encouraged adoption and is measuring its success.

Google Apps: How We Convinced the C-Suite

Dominion Enterprises CIO Joe Fuller faced the challenge of converting 280 magazine brands to one collaboration suite and persuading execs that the cloud was right. He shares advice, including how he won over skeptics on privacy and compliance worries.

Inside an Enterprise Salesforce Chatter Rollout

Take a look at lessons learned by Den-Mat's IT department as it moved from a 30-year-old legacy system to's Chatter. This dental manufacturer slashed its employee turnover rate, eliminated antiquated processes and helped staff collaborate better.

Google Apps Fits Well at Italian Fashion House Roberto Cavalli

Italian fashion conglomerate Roberto Cavalli is rolling out Google Apps to streamline disparate e-mail systems and help staffers organize images and video. Here's a look at their decision.

A Victory for Social Media: Inside the Election of Colombia's New President

Juan Manuel Santos's race to Colombia's presidency is a social media case study for companies everywhere: How his team used Facebook, mobile apps and geolocation technologies to overcome a 12-point deficit and win with 70 percent of the votes -- all in just 50 days.

My Enterprise 2.0 Rollout: 4 Keys to Success

In the first two months after rolling out an enterprise 2.0 suite to improve Facebook-style networking and information sharing, Philips CIO Maarten de Vries saw 10,000-plus employees start using the software. He shares four factors key to the success.

How Scottrade Got Workers to Love Social Networking

An intranet revamp was the catalyst for enterprise deployment of social networking tools such as Facebook-style home pages, blogs and wikis.

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