BlackBerry Developer Evangelist and Z10 Users Talk Ported Android Apps

Many BlackBerry 10 apps in the BlackBerry World app store are really ported Android apps. BlackBerry Z10 users and a BlackBerry developer weigh in on the pros and cons of using Android apps on BlackBerry 10.

Tue, March 12, 2013

CIO — Last week I got an email from BlackBerry to let me know about a handful of new BlackBerry 10 app releases, as well as a few high-profile apps that will be available in the coming weeks and months. One upcoming app in particular caught my eye: Amazon Kindle, which is supposed to be released before the end of March.

Shortly after I received the message from BlackBerry I responded and asked if the Kindle app for BlackBerry 10 is native, meaning built specifically for BlackBerry, or a "ported" version of the Android app.

It took BlackBerry more than 24 hours to get back to me with what I thought would be a simple response. But when I heard back, the answer I got wasn't simple at all. Victoria Berry, a BlackBerry senior PR manager, answered my questionthe Kindle app will be a ported Android versionbut not without first asking why I cared.

My response: I care because my readers care, and it's my job to provide all of the information I can when I report on a subject.

The email exchange got me thinking about what exactly BlackBerry 10 users think of the current crop of Android apps in BlackBerry World. So I asked my Twitter followers, many of whom own Z10 devices if they care if a BlackBerry 10 app is native or an Android port. Rather than post all the responses I received, I embedded the most notable tweets.

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