3 Ways to Overcome IT Outsourcing People Problems

Do your IT outsourcing services deals fail to deliver more than the basics? IT outsourcing customers need to focus on developing and training their outsourcing management staff so that their IT services deals are better than just 'good enough.'

By Stephanie Overby
Fri, April 05, 2013
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2. IT organization should rethink the roles that remain in-house. "To move beyond the older talent perspective overly focused on operational skillsets, successful companies have looked for strategic skills by redefining the job competency models of individuals managing service providers," Fersht says. Some more strategic capabilities include analytical skills, influence, and process transformation understanding.

3. IT service buyers should establish shared stretch goals that encourage in-house and outsourced skills to be deployed and reviewed regularly. "It is normal for an outsourcing relationship to plateau at some point over time. Too many such relationships operate on a mentality of, 'If it's not broken, don't tinker with it; if the SLAs are green, service must be good,'" says Fersht. "Our interviews of successful enterprises showed that they pursued major process overhauls with unrelenting tenacity."

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