Samsung Galaxy S4's Coolest New Features

Samsung's "next big thing," the Galaxy S4 smartphone, is set to be released in the United States next week.'s Al Sacco spotlights the new gadget's most notable new features and functionality.

Thu, April 18, 2013

CIO — All but one of the "Big Four" U.S. wireless carriers this week announced plans to release the much-anticipated, Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone before the end of April, along with a few additional smaller carriers. (Read GS4 pricing and release details for U.S. carriers here.)

Samsung's Galaxy S4 Smartphone

The Galaxy S4 promises to be another impressive high-end smartphone from Samsung, and it's being released just 10 months after its hugely-popular predecessor, the Galaxy SIII. Like the Galaxy SIII, the brand new GS4 packs some valuable and truly unique features. Here's a break quick breakdown of the coolest and most unique Samsung Galaxy S4 features and functionality.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Features

Galaxy S4 and Dual Shot

The Galaxy S4's unique new Dual Shot Camera feature lets users take advantage of both the device's 13MP rear-facing camera and 2MP front-facing shooter to simultaneously capture images and video. The front-facing camera is used to capture images and video, which can be displayed in a small window over the image or video taken by the rear camera. The idea is to show the person taking the image or video along with the video begin captured.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Shot
Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Shot

Dual Shot is a truly unique feature, something that's not currently available in other comparable handsets, and it could be valuable to many different kinds of users.

Galaxy S4 Sound & Shot

Another new and unique camera feature in the Galaxy S4 is Sound & Shot, which lets user tie audio clips to images or add commentary and ambient sound to pictures. Sound & Shot could be used to attach an audio clip of cheering fans and the crack of the bat to an image of a baseball player hitting a home run, for example, or to attach the sound of a child's laugh to an image of him/her feeding a dolphin at an aquarium.

Galaxy S4 and Drama Shot

Though not as unique as the first two Galaxy S4 camera features mentioned hereother similar features are available on other devices, including the Galaxy SIIIDrama Shot is still notable. Drama Shot combines a number of photos taken in sequence to show an action scene in a single frame.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Drama Shot Feature
Samsung Galaxy S4 Drama Shot Feature

Drama Shot could, for example, be used to capture a dog or other pet performing an amusing trick.

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