6 Apps to Help Ease the Pain of Allergy Season

From tips to trackers, these apps will help those with allergies.

By Amber Bouman
Wed, June 19, 2013

IDG News Service — I have Kleenex stuffed into the pockets of every coat I own, my makeup bag holds eyedrops and Claritin, and I keep an ample supply of Benadryl at my desk. Given those details, you may have been able to correctly guess that I suffer from allergies. What am I allergic to? It's hard to say, since every time I've gone for an allergy test I react to literally everything they test me for. Nothing like getting 185 needless needle shots to the arm, am I right?

Two Free Apps to Help Combat the Worst Allergy Season Ever

I've tried my fair share of pills, tabs, sprays, and weekly shots, but I have a lot of options in my immediate environment to help control my symptoms--including downloading some apps that can track my allergy symptoms and provide me with useful tips on how to keep my house as allergy-free as possible (for someone with two cats who like to sleep on my pillows). Here are the apps I've found most helpful:

Pollen.com Allergy Alert--iOS, Android (Free)

An allergy forecast app, Allergy Alert offers one- and four-day forecasts for your area. The forecasts identify the predominant pollens are in your area and provide a numbered rating that indicates the overall allergen level, along with numbers for asthma, cold/cough, and ultraviolet levels (and descriptions of what each number means). For example, an allergen rating of 6.0 falls into the yellow or medium zone and indicates pollen levels that "will likely cause symptoms for many allergy-sufferers of the season predominant pollen types."

While this straightforward app focuses on showing allergen levels in your area, it also lets you sync with Ford Sync--a nice bonus if you're driving a Ford that supports that feature. It's also a handy way to identify days that may trigger your allergies, if you check it frequently enough. It doesn't provide additional information on the weather, however, and it doesn't offer any way to catalog or track symptoms.

Zyrtec AllergyCast--iOS, Android (Free)

Another company-branded app, Zyrtec's AllergyCast overcame my initial skepticism to become my favorite app of this bunch. In addition to offering an allergy forecast, the app provides a weather forecast, identifies the predominant pollens in the area, shares tips for controlling both indoor and outdoor allergies, and has a tracking feature that you can use to chart your symptoms. It also has an array of cute cartoon animals spread throughout the apps features, because who doesn't like a cat in glasses reading a book?

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