5 Key Benefits Gamification Brings to Your Business

The term 'gamification' may be new, but the concept has been around for some time--just think credit card rewards programs. Despite the buzz and proven results, many companies are still not sure about using gamification. Here are five key reasons why your business should be gamifying.

Thu, June 20, 2013


Gamification may be among the latest tech industry buzzwords, but the concept of using games and gaming tactics to engage users is not new at all. For example, credit card companies and airlines have been using the concept of gamification for years to entice customers to earn rewards through their brands.

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Despite the buzz and the potential, many companies are either not gamifiying at all or gamifying and failing. They might be hesitating because they can't see the ROI of gamifying their website or product. Others may be waiting for a big success story from a Fortune 1000 company so they can mimic their strategy. However, if you have a community where your customers gather and a desire for growth, you should be looking at your gamification options.

There are many reasons to gamify, but here are five key points that highlight why you shouldn't delay deploying a gamification program.

1. Collect Powerful Customer Data

Most gamification platforms require users to log in with a valid email address or social media credentials. From that point on, your company is able to gather data on that person and see what they do on your website.

Each person will be associated with clicks, points, badges and achievements, all of which generate big data. And big data equals valuable customer information and insights for companies. Large amounts of data will be generated regardless of the type or success of the game, but it will be ultimately worthless unless it's analyzed correctly, says Mike Hugos, gamification expert and author of "Enterprise Games: Using Game Mechanics to Build a Better Business." "This is the real-time feedback world we live in," he says. "Now the business needs to figure out how to engage in that."

gamificatiion, Badgeville

Some gamification vendors offer analytics as part of their products. For example, Badgeville offers the Behavior Analytics software to measure customer engagement, behavior, growth and user activities. Bunchball has Nitro Connectors, a product that connects their gamification platform to enterprise software such as SAP, SharePoint or Yammer to collect activity and behavior from employees.

2. Crowdsourcing Helps You Solve Complex Business Problems

Another benefit to having customers log in and participate on your website is that it allows you to use them as a sounding board. Companies like Allstate and GE have turned to crowdsourcing to help them come up with answers to complex business questions.

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