10 Top Big Data Startups to Watch--Final Rankings

The votes are in for CIO.com's 10 hottest big data startups to watch. Here are the final rankings based on your voting as well as a variety of other criteria such as funding and company leadership.

By Jeff Vance
Tue, July 16, 2013

CIO — After more than 4,000 votes were cast, the final Big Data startup rankings are in. Keep in mind that while voting was weighted heavily, it was not the be-all-and-end-all consideration. Other criteria included big-name end users, VC funding, the pedigree of the management team and market positioning.

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Here are the final rankings, along with why they finished where they did:


1. ParStream actually finished second in the voting, but customers turned out to comment on Startup50, expressing support, and there was even an end user who emailed us directly with a lengthy explanation of why ParStream is the top Big Data startup today. Fanatical end user support and unique positioning as a "Fast Data" company pushes ParStream to No. 1.

MapR Technologies

2. MapR Technologies finished third in voting, has raised $59 million in VC funding and has a strong management team. Customers include Ancestry.com, Rubicon and comScore.


3. Cloudera actually finished sixth in voting, but with $140 million in funding and an impressive customer list, it's hard not to push them up a few slots. Customers include CBS Interactive, eBay, Expedia, Monsanto and Samsung.


4. ScaleArc finished fifth in voting, has raised $18 million in funding and has a Big Data solution that focuses on optimizing SQL query traffic, whereas most Big Data companies have set their sights on NoSQL, Hadoop, etc. Existing customers include Demand Media and Disney UTV.


5. LucidWorks did well in the voting, has solid funding ($16 million) and is uniquely positioned in this roundup with their focus on Big Data search. However, they'll need to get more on-the-record customers on the books to climb higher than this.

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