7 Top Wishes of IT Project Managers

If IT project managers were granted three wishes by the IT genie, what would they wish for? Here are the seven desires you'd find on the list.

By Jennifer Lonoff Schiff
Thu, October 10, 2013

CIO — Ah, the joys of being a project manager. From being treated like a servant of management and not being included in key decisions, to having priorities, tasks and deadlines constantly changed on them -- and then being blamed for delays and slipups -- IT project managers have a lot to deal with.But what if project managers could change all that? What if a genie could grant IT project managers three (project-related) wishes? What would project managers wish for?

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CIO.com decided to find out -- and asked IT project managers, If you could have three project management-related wishes, what would they be? Here are the seven most-wished-for items.

Wish No. 1: To be involved from project inception. "Genie, use your magic to let project managers set the conditions for success," says Chet Anderson, program manager, Trissential, a management consultancy focused on business improvement.

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"This means involve them from the start so that the right resources are budgeted for, correct assumptions are made and the right questions are asked," he says. Anderson (and other PMs) also wishes that management understood that "experienced project managers know the challenges involved in getting vendors to satisfy expectations and that their input into the RFP, vendor selection and contract conditions is crucial to achieving a fruitful outcome."

Wish No. 2: The ability to put -- and keep -- together the perfect team for each project. "If only I could have a solid handle on what people and skills are available at any point in time, so I can assemble the perfect team to meet the specific requirements of the project," says Jeff Jackson, vice president of Development, Compuware Changepoint Business Division.

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"My wish would be to always have dedicated resources," says Mary Beth Rath, project manager, Custom Software Solutions at SWC Technology Partners, provider of IT solutions to midsize organizations. "This would avoid switching gears and ramp-up time, to ensure we can deliver against the project schedule," she explains.

Wish No. 3: To have powerful yet simple-to-use project management tools. "I wish for a magic wand to wave and take away the reporting nightmare I face every quarter," says Jackson.

"Today I live a nightmare that consists of multiple spreadsheets, conflicting data, inaccurate information and missed reporting deadlines," Jackson explains. "If only I had one source for all project-related information -- and the ability to react quickly and take corrective action when a project begins to go off the rails."

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