10 Simple iOS Tips and Tricks for iPhone/iPad Newbies

Got a new iPhone or iPad? These 10 easy iOS tips and tricks can help quickly navigate around your device, streamline processes, organize home screens and much more.

Wed, October 30, 2013

CIO — Just a week after Apple released its brand new iPhone lineup, composed of the high-end iPhone 5s and the mid-range iPhone 5c, the company said it had already sold 9 million new devices. (Apple didn't break down its sales by model, but estimates suggest the iPhone 5s is two to three times more popular than the 5c model.)

Just last week, Apple released user numbers for its new mobile OS, iOS 7, and they were equally staggering. Five days after iOS was released, more than 200 million users were running the software, which amounts to about 64 percent of all iOS devices.

That's a whole lot of iOS users, and more than a few new iPhone owners, many of whom aren't familiar with the ins and outs of iOS and the iPhone hardware. Here are 10 tips and tricks every iOS users should know that are simple enough for even the least-techy new iPhone or iPad owner.

1) Streamline iOS Navigation with Control Center

One of the most valuable new features in iOS 7 is Control Center, which lets you swipe up from the bottom of any screen or app to quickly access certain functions. Control Center has options for Airplane Mode, which turns off your wireless radios; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; Do Not Disturb, which you can customize to turn of notifications during certain times, and a screen-orientation lock.

 iOS 7 Control Center

Control Center also includes settings for screen brightness; media controls; AirDrop, which lets you quickly share content with other iOS users; a flashlight, using your camera flash; your clock app; the calculator, and your camera.

Getting in the habit of swiping up on your display to access any of these functions can streamline and speed up your iOS navigation process.

2) Quickly Switch Between, Close Unused iOS Apps

Double tapping your iPhone or iPad home button shows you all of your open and running applications, in window form and in order of recent use. You can quickly hop back and forth between commonly used applications by double tapping the button and then scrolling horizontally through apps until you find and tap the one you want.

 iOS App Switcher

You can also minimize application strain on your system by closing any apps you're not currently using. To close an app, double tap your home button to bring up a list of active software, press and hold a finger on the app you want to close and then slide up and off your display.

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