iPad vs. PlayStation 4 for Games: Comparison and Buying Advice

Should you buy an iPad or PlayStation 4? We compare the PS4 and iPad.

By Matt Egan
Sat, December 07, 2013

Macworld.co.uk — Considering buying a PlayStation 4 or an new iPad? Here's what you need to know. (iPad vs Xbox One for games; Xbox One vs iPad comparison and buying advice.)

Why compare a tablet with a games console? Well for one thing they are similarly desirable products in a similar price range. Perhaps more importantly the iPad could reasonably be considered to be a games console with benefits. It is after all a locked down platform for which you can buy games. Literally thousands of games. So just supposing you are considering buying a PS4 or an iPad, we've outlined the benefits of both. (See PC Advisor's Sony PS4 hands-on review.) Just so you now we'll focus mainly on the iPad Air, with reference to the iPad mini 2 with Retina Display, but most of this advice works for all iPads.

iPad vs PS4 for games: general points, price

First things first, a new iPad will set you back at least APS399 for the iPad Air, or APS319 for the iPad mini with Retina Display. A PS4 will set you back APS349 inc VAT. But before you start thinking the iPad is a cost-saving option, it is only fair to point out that APS399 gets you the basic iPad with only 16GB of storage, and the other eight models range from APS479 up to APS739. In most cases the iPad Air will cost more than the PlayStation 4 (although it can cost less. This is confusing).

Let's move on to safer ground: the iPad offers some capability that the PS4 doesn't, albeit outside the area of gaming on which this article focuses. So it may be better value for you. You won't be editing documents on your PlayStation, but you can on the iPad. Indeed, unlike the Xbox One the PS4 is pretty much limited to playing games. You can't even play media from thumb drives, and you need to download and install a codec to use the PS4 as a Blu-ray player. You can watch Netflix and iPlayer, and so on.

iPad vs PS4 for games: display, controls

Of course you need an external display for the PS4, although not one for the iPad. But if you are a hardcore gamer, you probably want to play on a massive display. Similarly, you need external controllers to play on your PS4, where the iPad's touchscreen is its own controller. But again, for gamers this is a positive.

The PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 controller is Sony's best yet. It's compact, light and ergonomically sound.

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