10 Great Apps for Your New iPad Air or iPad Mini

That new iPad you got for the holidays will seem a little barren until you start adding some apps. We can tell you what you should download.

By Philip Michaels
Thu, December 26, 2013

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Apple iPad Air
The wrapping paper has just been torn off that shiny new iPad Air or strikingly svelte iPad mini with Retina display that someone was kind enough to give you for the holidays. And believe me, between the stunning display and the way it feels in your hand, it's going to take a long time for the shine to wear off that new iPad. And yet... it's feeling a little empty, isn't it? Like something's missing.

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Friend, you need to download some apps.

Apple makes things easy on that front by keeping a well-stocked App Store. And nearly half of the million or so apps available for download are built specifically for that iPad you're holding in your hands. Still, there is such a thing as having too many choices. After all, you don't want your very first App Store download to turn out to be a clunker. And just to complicate things further, everyone uses their iPad for different reasons, and what's a great app for one person might leave another staring at the Retina screen in uncomprehending horror. I can tell you that Infinity Blade III is a really great game that really makes the most of your new iPad's processing power, but if you don't particularly care for hack-and-slash games, that's not much of a recommendation, is it?

So I've surveyed my colleagues for the apps that they would install on a brand new iPad Air or iPad mini. And from that pool of contenders, I've picked the ones that are best for certain kinds of tasks. Whether you see your iPad as a productivity tool, a gaming device, or something you plan to share with the rest of your family, we've found the right app for you.

If you want to write

Let's just dispense with that notion that the iPad is good for consuming content, and little else--this is a very powerful productivity tool, especially if you have the right apps. For power users who work with text, the choice is Editorial, which boasts a number of customization features that allow you to bend the interface and the extended keyboard to your will. The app also makes it simple for even non-programmers to assemble customized workflows to automate functions like converting text. And while its workflow support may be Editorial's standout feature, the app offers writers plenty of other niceties like Markdown and HTML previews, powerful search features, and an integrated Web browser for those times you need to do research but don't want to jump to another app. There's a lot of power packed into Editorial, ready to help you get to work.

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