9 Great Apps for Brand New iPhone Owners

If the holiday season meant a new iPhone 5c or 5s for you, we can help you get started with nine terrific downloads from the App Store.

By Philip Michaels
Thu, December 26, 2013

IDG News Service — One of the first things you're going to do when you get a brand new iPhone in your hands--right after you learn a little bit more about the new smartphone you now possess, of course--is set a course for the App Store. Apps, after all, are what set iOS devices apart from other, lesser mobile platforms. They make an already impressive iPhone 5c or 5s all the more powerful.

Apple iPhone 5C
Apple iPhone 5C

There is one problem, though. At last count, the App Store featured more than 1 million apps, and if you try to browse through those on your own, this process of trial-and-error is going to skew heavily toward the "error" side of the ledger. Why not let someone else do the work for you? I've polled some of my colleagues for their thoughts on what apps they'd put on a brand new iPhone, and I've added some picks of my own. Below, you'll find nine recommendations that cover a broad spectrum of the things you can do with your new phone.

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Protecting your passwords

I'm not going to pretend that password security is the kind of thing that should set your pulse racing. Of course, if that password you use over and over again ever gets compromised, that'll cause some excitement, though not the welcome kind. That's why I think one of your very first iPhone downloads should be 1Password. Yes, at a regular price of $18, this app stands out in a world of 99-cent downloads. But consider what it offers--the ability to create strong, unique passwords that keep the bad guys out of your business. All you have to remember with 1Password is a single Master Password that enables you to access your information while keeping thieves at bay. Besides website logins, you can also secure banking information, credit cards, notes--anything you want to keep secure. The app automatically syncs data across multiple iOS devices and, if you spring for the desktop version, you can keep data synced there, too.

$18; AgileBits

Watching movies

I enjoy watching old movies; what I enjoy doing even more, though, is watching old movies while I descend into a second-screen wormhole of looking up which actors appeared in what other films. The mobile version of IMDB Movies & TV aids and abets me in this behavior, putting the movie reference site's extensive database into the palm of my hand. Mobile users will also appreciate the ability to look up showtimes at nearby theaters. iOS 7 has brought along a new look for IMDB, as well as some navigation improvements, but this is the same great app as ever and a must-have for movie fans.

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