8 Must-Have Mobile Games for Your New Smartphone

With these games on your phone, you can easily ignore your obnoxious in-laws!

By Evan Dashevsky
Fri, December 27, 2013

IDG News Service — Congrats on getting a new high-tech mobile device for the holidays! Someone really appreciates you!

You'll find that your gadget gives you all sorts of crazy new superpowers, such as the ability to add aA beard to any photographA or to findA nearby strangers to have sex with. But the real promise of a smart mobile doohickey is the power to keep boredom at bay with a wide array of mobile games.

The app stores are filled with games of varying quality, so figuring out exactly where to start may seem overwhelming. Worry not: We've highlighted eight addictive mobile games that you can download right away and try for yourself. Enjoy your newfound freedom to shut out the rest of the world!

Candy Crush Saga

Free:iOS, Android

Candy Crush Saga is the global phenomenon that has gathered over a half-billion players and counting. There's a reason for its success: It's friggin' addictive.

As a daily New York subway commuter, I can personally attest to the fact that at least a quarter of the people on any given train will be immersed in Candy Crush Saga. That isn't hyperbole.

Candy Crush Saga is a brightly colored, sucrose-themed mix-and-match puzzle game. It provides players with the strangely satisfying ability to wreak virtual havoc by exploding various types of sweets as you match them across the board.

Although the game is completely free, developer King has concocted an inventive way to squeeze funds from the vast community of crushers. Players must wait several minutes--sometimes hours or days--to get their next game fix after their limited lives are spent. New lives are, of course, available as in-app purchases for the impatient. And fortunately for King, there are a lot of impatient people.

Temple Run 2

Free: iOS, Android

Temple Run 2 is hands-down the best "endless runner" game available. The player maneuvers through an unending jungle maze filled with tight corners and deadly traps while being pursued by a giant killer sloth-bear-monkey monster.

It's basically Tomb Raider if Lara Croft were restricted to turning, jumping, and diving. The game keeps you hooked with a revolving array of tasks and the ability to earn (or purchase) extras that will help you along your ever-looping journey.

The game doesn't give players much time to look around when it's in action, so be sure to hit the pause button every so often and take in the impressive jungle-mountain vistas in the background.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Free:iOS, Android

Adult Swim's Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a 10-year-old girl's Trapper Keeper from 1987 brought to life and repurposed for sarcastic hipsters.

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