9 Apps to Help You Get Acquainted with Your New Android Tablet

Whether it's a 7-inch device, or a big honkin' 10-inch, every tablet needs some great apps.

By Florence Ion
Sat, December 28, 2013

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So you just fired up your brand new tablet, and while it comes with a few apps--a number of them likely provided by Google--you want to know what others you should grab. This collection of must-have apps, all optimized for tablets, will make that first few days with your shiny new toy that much more enjoyable, and help make that "getting to know you" phase just a bit easier. Most of them are free, some of them cost money a few bucks, but they all come highly recommended.


Gauging the weather is a bit more involved than simply looking out the window to determine what you should wear that day, which is why you'll need a good weather app on your new tablet. Accuweather has been an Android tablet favorite for years and for good reason: it offers interactive maps, push notifications for severe weather alerts, and a thorough listing of weather reports from around the world. Accuweather also details the weather for a variety of situations, so if you're planning to go fishing, for instance, the app will let you know what the conditions will be. The paid version (now on sale) removes ads.

Price: Free, or $0.99


Tablets aren't just for reading e-books and digital periodicals--they're for comics, too, and if you're a comic buff you'll likely want to get this app onto your tablet, stat. Comics, previously known as ComiXology, offers over 40,000 different comics from publishers like Marvel, DC, Vertigo, Darkhorse, and everything in between. You can utilize the Guided View to scan, zoom, and flip through pages, or indulge in some of the weekly freebies to get stuck on something new.

Price: Free


Amazon's Kindle isn't the only e-reader app available out there--Alkido Book Reader is just as featured-filled. It supports EPUB, PDF, Adobe DRM-encrypted formats, and even the e-books you check out from a participating local library. You can organize e-books by tags or create collections, and then pin a widget to the tablet's Home screen to pick up reading right where you left off. There's even an option for night-time reading.

The paid version enables the ability to highlight and add notes to EPUB files, and removes advertisements. You'll also need to fork over the cash if you want that nifty aforementioned Home screen widget.

Price: Free, or $2.99.


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