5 Nutrition Apps for a Healthy New Year

It's 2014, and you know what that means--time to get off the couch that you've been glued to for the past week and start eating food with an expiration date.

By Sarah Jacobsson Purewal
Thu, January 02, 2014

IDG News Service — It's 2014, and you know what that means--time to get off the couch that you've been glued to for the past week and start eating food with an expiration date.

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Every year, millions of Americans make New Year's resolutions to lose weight, get in shape, and be healthier. And every year, millions of Americans break these resolutions within six months. According to a Bodybuilding.com survey, two-thirds of adults in the U.S. have made a resolution to get fit, and a whopping 73 percent of those people gave up before they reached their goal.

The odds may be against you, but you can succeed--with the help of your smartphone. Apps are the perfect tool for dieters: They help you track progress, even when it seems like nothing is happening; and they motivate you to keep going with incentives such as achievements and friendly social competition. Whether you want to eat healthier, lose weight, or just learn about nutrition, these five apps will help you stay on track.

Nutrition Quiz by Runtastic--iOS

Let's start with the basics. Just how much do you know about nutrition, anyway? Test your knowledge and learn some new facts with Nutrition Quiz, a free iOS app by fitness app developer Runtastic.

Nutrition Quiz offers short quizzes about health, fitness, and nutrition. Each quiz consists of 10 general questions (Fact or myth: Women's noses can smell better?) chosen randomly from a database of over 600. The questions fall into eight categories, ranging from Functional Foods to Sugar & Spices. Quizzes are scored on timing and accuracy, and if you sign into your Runtastic account you can compare your score against friends and other users.

After each question, the app offers an explanation of the correct answer. You can favorite any facts that you find interesting, and share them on Facebook or Twitter. The app's browse feature lets you look through the question/fact bank at your leisure. The first 64 questions across three categories are free, but you'll need to unlock the $2 Pro version of the app to access the rest of the database.

My Diet Coach--Android, iOS

Starting a diet is easy; staying on a diet is another story. Free for Android and iOS, My Diet Coach can help you stay motivated and on track with its personal cheerleader approach to dieting.

My Diet Coach is more about keeping you motivated than worrying about the nitty-gritty details of your actual diet and exercise plan. The app lets you set up automated text reminders to help keep you on track, such as "take my healthy snacks with me before I leave for work," or "don't eat five chocolate bars before bed." The app also has a section for adding motivational photos (of yourself or of anything that inspires you to lose weight), a tips section for combating emotional eating and diet slip-ups, and daily challenges (such as drinking eight glasses of water) to help you stay healthy.

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