Second Screen Experiences to Enhance the #SuperBowl

When the big game is on TV, here's what oughta be on your smartphone and tablet.

By Susie Ochs
Fri, January 31, 2014

IDG News Service — The Super Bowl is almost here, and you've got your big screen ready to go. But what about all the other screens? It's no secret that Twitter has made sports a heck of a lot more fun to watch, and big events like the Super Bowl are a natural fit for second-screen enhanced experiences--the commercials and halftime show get just as much hype and hashtags as the game itself.

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Follow the teams

The Broncos' official Twitter account has been posting up a storm during the build-up to the big game, and the BroncosTV account is a great source of behind-the-scenes videos and photos too. Seattle fans should of course follow the Seahawks account, and the winSeahawks account exists just to shower the fans with prizes and schwag.

It's always fun to see through the eye-holes of the team's mascot, so follow @5280Miles and @BlitzTheSeahawk. Obviously, the players won't be tweeting, you know, during the game, but both the Broncos and Seahawks have curated lists of their players on Twitter--and following a list is a handy way to keep an eye on any pre- and postgame action without following each of those accounts individually.

Don't forget to follow the Broncos on Facebook and Instagram too. But if that's too many apps to juggle, the "Get Connected" page on the team's website does a solid job of mashing up content from all the relevant feeds into one real-time mess of orange and blue.

The Seahawks are on Facebook and Instagram as well, and we love this video on the team's website, in which they rigged up several players with GoPro cameras on Media Day--daring us to dream of the day when cameras will be small and safe enough that players can wear them during the game itself.

Bright lights, hashtag city

But finding the best conversations on Twitter doesn't require you follow a ton of new people before kickoff. Instead, run a search for #SB48 for Super Bowl XLVIII, or just starting clicking hashtags that pop up in your feed to see a blitz of every tweet with that hashtag.

Broncos fans will pile on hashtags like #Broncos, #BroncosChat and #UnitedInOrange, and the Seahawks' supporters will crank up the volume with #GoHawks, #12thMan, #Seahawks, and #LOB for the Legion of Boom. If you see a few accounts using these hashtags to great effect, you might even find yourself following those people permanently.

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