Windows 8: Learn to Love it

If you're having a rough time with your Windows 8 computer, several options are available to smooth out the bumps.

By InfoWorld staff
Wed, February 26, 2014

InfoWorld — Face the facts: Windows 7 PCs aren't about to magically appear out of the woodwork, and Windows 9 is at least a year away from fruition. Windows 8 isn't going anywhere, and it's time to settle in with Microsoft's current OS.

All is not lost -- you still have several options for working with and possibly embracing Windows 8. In this special report, InfoWorld's experts lay out a plan for adjusting to Windows 8, starting with the transition from Windows 7. From there, InfoWorld helps you choose a Start menu and points to the best apps for Windows 8 power users. Who knows? By the end, you may even learn to love Windows 8.

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