Al Sacco

, Senior Editor


Al Sacco is an awarding-winning journalist and blogger who covers the fast paced mobile/wireless beat for and IDG Enterprise, with a focus on smartphones and tablet PCs.

As Senior Editor, Al manages many of's bloggers and frequently covers breaking news, shares insightful expert analysis of key industry happenings, writes a wide variety of tutorials and how-tos to help readers get the most out of their gadgets, and regularly offers up recommendations on software for a number of mobile platforms.

Al resides in Boston, Massachusetts, and he is a passionate reader, traveler, film buff and Red Sox fan.

Why a Smartphone 'Kill Switch' Won't Stop Phone Theft

The idea of a smartphone "kill switch" sounds promising and is a step in the right direction in the fight against phone thieves, but it's not a solution to the problem, according to's Al Sacco.

Cybersecurity Expert and CIO: Internet of Things is 'Scary as Hell'

Jerry Irvine, Prescient Solutions CIO and a member of the National Cybersecurity Partnership, spoke with about "Internet of Things" (IoT) security, the connected home, and why consumers and enterprise should be wary of both.

10 Must-Know Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Tablet Tips and Tricks

Whether you're a new Kindle Fire HDX owner or a seasoned Amazon tablet user, you'll appreciate these 10 tips and tricks that will help you reset a malfunctioning device, organize and streamline navigation, boost data security and more.

Using Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Tablets in the Enterprise

When you think of business tablets, chances are Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX tablets don't come immediately to mind. Though not perfect, the Kindle Fire HDX tablets are actually well suited for business use, particularly BYOD, according to's Al Sacco.

How The Container Store Uses Wearable Tech to Think Outside the Box

The Container Store is piloting a wearable device that it hopes will replace the thousands of walkie talkies it uses for in-store communication. The wearable also lets the company track employees when they're at work, among other things, and could potentially revolutionize the way it uses technology for retail.

Hands-On First Impressions of Samsung's Galaxy S5 Smartphone (Video)'s Al Sacco goes hands-on with Samsung's brand new Galaxy S5 smartphone. The device has a handful of notable new hardware features and software enhancements. But none of them translation into any real "wow factor." Here's why.

5 Changes We Want to See in Samsung's Galaxy S5

Samsung's most popular smartphone, the Galaxy S4, is about to get a significant update.'s Al Sacco shares five things Samsung could do to make the Galaxy S5 a significantly better smartphone than the GS4.

New Enterprise Mobile Report Details iOS Dominance, Most Popular Business Apps

Good Technology's quarterly mobility index shows Apple's continued dominance among its enterprise customers, and details enterprise app usage, but the report does not include data on BlackBerry users and could be considered a misrepresentation of the overall market.

Is 'Smart Lighting' Right for You and Your Home? (Connected by TCP Review)

Controlling the lights in your home using a smartphone or tablet sounds like a novel idea, but is it really worth the investment to get "connected?"'s Al Sacco answers that question and more in this hands-on review of the Connected by TCP home smart lighting system.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Rumor Roundup

Samsung sent out invites to an "Unpacked" event this month that's presumed to be the Galaxy S5 launch.'s Al Sacco rounds up a variety of GS5 hardware, software, design, price and release date rumors.