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Cloud Computing Skills Shortage Forces CIOs to Grow Their Own

CIOs, technology vendors and consultants agree that a serious shortage of cloud computing skills across the IT industry threatens to impede adoption and deployments. A CIO's best bet for addressing this dearth of talent is to focus on training their existing IT staff.

How to Tell If an Email Is a Phishing Scam

As email phishing operations have grown more sophisticated and convincing, it's harder for even savvy corporate email users to determine whether an email is authentic or fake. Here, presents an example of a particularly convincing phishing email. We asked, Daniel Peck, a research scientist with email security company Barracuda Networks, to offer tips on how to spot a scam.

How to Hire Software Developers: Quixey Has an App for That

With venture capital again flowing, technology-driven companies are struggling to find qualified software engineers. A lack of skilled developers can threaten a companys product plans and revenue goals. To address this challenge, Quixey, a creator of a search engine for apps, developed an online coding competition that lets it identify top-notch talent. It has saved the company nearly $45,000 in recruiting costs and helped it hire four software engineers in three months.

Mobile Malware: Beware Drive-by Downloads on Your Smartphone

Drive-by downloads are coming to your smartphone, and they're harder to detect than traditional PC-based versions. Here's how you can protect yourself, your users and your enterprise from mobile drive-by downloads.

IT Professionals Lack Confidence in the Security of Their Systems

Results of a new survey speak to the inadequacies of corporate security measures as well as the persistence of ever-growing security threats.

IT Skills Shortages Inside Companies Hamper Profitability, Productivity

Data from a recent survey conducted by CompTIA shows that skills shortages inside IT departments negatively impact corporate profitability, productivity, innovation, speed to market, customer service and security.

How to Choose an Online MBA Program

A bewildering--and ever-expanding--array of online MBA programs can make it difficult for IT professionals to determine which one is right for them. Susan Cates, executive director of the University of North Carolina's online MBA program, offers five tips for finding a program that best suits your individual needs.

Improve Your Productivity With 3 Lean Manufacturing Principles

Time-management expert Daniel Markovitz says workers can apply the principles of lean manufacturing to improve their productivity. Here, he explains three lean manufacturing concepts and offers examples of how we can implement them.

5 Insider Secrets for Beating Applicant Tracking Systems

Error-prone applicant tracking systems kill 75 percent of job seekers' chances of landing an interview as soon as they submit their resumes, despite how qualified they may be. Job seekers' only hope for rising through these systems is to understand exactly how these systems work and how best to optimize their resumes for them. Here are five insider tips.

New Job Search Service Helps Job Seekers Penetrate Applicant Tracking Systems

Preptel's "ResumeterPro" service claims to increase job seekers' chances of landing job interviews and offers, first by helping job seekers get through applicant tracking systems, then by providing job seekers with competitive intelligence on other candidates applying for the same job. investigates whether it's worth your money.

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