Rich Hein

, Managing Editor


Rich Hein is managing editor and writer for, covering IT careers, leadership and developer topics. He has worked in technology publishing since 2000. Most recently, Rich was Digital Web/SEO Specialist for the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, serving as the liaison between the organization's marketing and IT departments. Previously, he was a managing editor at, where he ran several sites (including and during his 12-year tenure there.

IT Leader or IT Manager? How to Be the Best of Both

The best leaders aren't necessarily great managers and great managers aren't always the best leaders. A company needs both types of personalities to be competitive. Here's a look at the separate skills and traits associated with each, so you can be the best leader and/or manager for your IT team.

11 Tips for Working With IT Recruiters

We spoke with tech and IT recruiters to see what you can do to put yourself in the best position to get hired. We also tell you what questions you need to ask recruiters before and while you work with them.

How to Handle the IT Skills Shortage: Architect Your People

IT relies heavily on architecture -- in systems, data, software and, yes, even in people. This long-term strategy can help create a more flexible, more consistent and more scalable IT organization.

How to Build Trust as a New IT Executive

Whether you're a new IT executive who just got promoted up the ranks or a new hire entering the organization, earning the trust of your co-workers and direct reports should an important part of your strategy.

Tips to Get Ready for (or Possibly Avoid) Software Audits

Software compliance is a complex and interpretative process that if not done correctly and with forethought can cost organizations millions. Follow these guidelines to ensure the best possible outcome.

Tablet Review: ASUS Transformer T100

The T100 tablet pulls double duty as a tablet and a notebook at a rock-bottom price. But how does it stack up in real-world use.

IT Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Failure

Although you work tirelessly to prevent them, failures happen in IT. It's important that you discover the secret for turning mistakes into lessons you can use to become a more effective leader.

Why the Chief Digital Officer Role Is on the Rise

Whether you think it's part of a transitional period or here for the long-term, the Chief Digital Officer role is gaining ground as more conventional companies look to invest in an enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Why You Need an IT Career Coach

Whether you're not happy where you're currently working, are out of work and need a job, or are just looking to stay ahead of the curve, working with an IT career coach can help you learn the skills necessary to stand apart from the other IT job seekers out there.

16 Traits of Great IT Leaders

If you want to succeed as an IT leader you have to develop a set of traits that will serve you and those around you. Industry leaders and career experts share their thoughts on what behaviors make an IT leader great.