C.G. Lynch

Facebook Apps All Grown Up: Four to Watch

Down in Palo Alto this week, CIO.com's C.G. Lynch examined a slew of start-ups that have built cool features into apps and services that allow people and businesses to utilize Facebook for more than just games. Here are his favorites. ...

Chrome Confusion: Google Must Educate Consumers on Browser and OS

If Google wants people to start using its Chrome browser and upcoming Chrome OS to compete with Microsoft more aggressively, it must ensure that mainstream computer users -- not just bloggers, analysts and journalists -- know that...

Facebook Privacy: More Control for Users, Less Freedom for App Developers

Facebook recently announced that it will make more changes to its privacy settings and set tighter control over what pieces of data third-party applications can access.

Surprise: Twitter's Full of Grown-Ups, Not Tweens

The emergence of Twitter has been driven by an older demographic, The New York Times reported today. What I wonder is, how will that affect the way we consume information in the future and, more importantly, the way we work?

Twitter Tips: Seesmic Desktop An Alternative to TweetDeck

Having trouble making sense of all those tweets? Seesmic Desktop lets you segment users, manage multiple accounts and search for tweets on Twitter. But its real value may be in how it integrates with other social networks, mainly...

Dear Facebook: Stop Trying to Be Like Twitter

Hey Facebook. Just stop it. This has gone far enough. I've met some of you. You're smart guys and gals. With any technology, you shouldn't muscle it into doing something that it was never designed to be. For that reason, you should...

Report Finds Reliability in URL Shorteners

The popularity of Twitter and other social networking services has made URL shortening services an important component of the Web.

Think Outside the Filing Cabinet

As we enjoyed the rise of the personal computer, e-mail and corporate networks, you might have deemed filing cabinets a relic of the 20th century.  You'd be wrong.

Real-Time Search Riddle: Should Google Buy Twitter?

Now that Facebook acquired FriendFeed, a social networking service beloved by social media insiders but unheard of by most of the general populace, should Google consider buying Twitter?

Facebook's New Search Engine: What You Need To Know

Facebook just made changes to its search tool that take clear aim at making the social network an alternative to Twitter for real-time conversations. But the best news is more the ability to search for content in your Facebook network...

The Trouble with Banning Twitter

The news that the Marines have banned Twitter, Facebook and other social networks shouldn't be surprising, especially given the nature of the military and the amount of information it must keep secret.

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