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Philip has covered the Mac market since 1999, with a focus on the iPhone, iPad and iOS in recent years. In all that time, he has never tested a fart app.

Amazon Looks to Take on Samsung, Apple with Fire Phone

Amazon jumped into the smartphone fray Wednesday, unveiling the Fire Phone at a press event in Seattle.

AT&T Reportedly Gets Amazon's Phone Exclusively -- So What's T-Mobile Up To?

Wednesday's a big day for tech events in the greater Seattle area. First, Amazon summons the press to its hometown to announce what many are assuming to be some sort of smartphone. T-Mobile is following that with an event of its own,...

R.B.I. Baseball Expands Rosters with New Players, Old Timers

Some new faces--and more than a few old familiar ones--will be coming to your R.B.I. Baseball team, thanks to the latest update to's mobile baseball game.

Ballin' Like Ballmer: 9 Other Tech Luminaries Who Could Buy an NBA Team

It seems that newly retired Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is trading in Clippy for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Would You Like VR with Your Pizza? Chuck E. Cheese to Test Oculus Rift At its Restaurants

It has been decades since I set foot inside a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant--eateries promising family fun don't really cater to gentlemen in their early 40s unaccompanied by children. So my memories of the place tend to be...

On Second Thought, California Senate Backs Kill-Switch Bill

We're a step closer to having kill-switch technology built into our smartphones by default, after the California State Senate approved a bill that would mandate the antitheft feature come preinstalled on phones sold in the Golden...

T-Mobile's Reward for Tweaking its Rivals? More Subscribers

Say, what you will about John Legere's shoot-from-the-lip style of corporate governance--and as a tech reporter used to covering CEOs who come in the flavors of Bland and Extra Bland, I say "Keep on keepin' on, John"--but his...

DryBox Looks to Make a Splash, Drying Out Wet Smartphones

Get your mobile device to a DryBox Drying Station within 36 hours of getting wet, and you stand a good chance of reviving your phone.

No Activity Detected: Nike to Abandon Wearable Hardware

A lot of companies are racing to claim their share of the wearable device market, but on Friday, one major player pulled out of the race. Fitness gear maker Nike is getting out of the wearable hardware game and refocusing its FitTech...

Kill Switch Proposals Finally Force Wireless Industry's Hand

Good news: You're finally going to be getting that theft-deterring kill switch as a standard feature on your mobile device. But when that feature becomes available next year, it may not be in the form the wireless industry would...

Heartbleed: What You Need to Know About the Security Fiasco in 3 Minutes or Less

If you're still unsure as to how the Heartbleed security hole affects you, here's a quick rundown of the issues.

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