Scott Berinato

The Storm Worm Dresses Up as a Dancing Skeleton

Hackers using virulent malware worm dressed as Halloween fun to target victims. Warning: Do not click if you see the image in this story in your e-mail.

Internet Researchers Discover New Hacking Service Site

Internet security researchers are warning about a new malware service, apparently based in Eastern Europe, which pursues a business model charging a fee for each PC infected.

Gozi Trojan Resurfaces Briefly, Security Researcher Finds

The malware worm behind an identity theft service returns to exploit vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat 8.x, then disappears.

Audio Spam: The Latest Twist on a Never-Ending Security Threat

Researchers say that small MP3 attachments pitching penny stocks are the latest wave in the ocean of unsolicited e-mail.

Death by iFrame

Hacking site 76service provides a case study in the connection between iFrames, malware, identity theft.

Hacker Economics 2: The Conspiracy of Apathy

Second in a series. Why banks and law enforcement thus far have failed to stymie the onslaught of malware and identity theft.

Hacker Economics 3: MPACK and the Next Wave of Malware

Third in a series. New variants and new methods proliferate in the wake of 76service.

How Gozi's First Second Unfolds

A researcher details the beginning of a malware infection.

A Layman's Glossary of Malware Terms

Baffled by bots? Vexed by variants? Some working definitions for the non-technical.

Who's Stealing Your Passwords? Global Hackers Create a New Online Crime Economy

For the past year, the next phase of Internet crime has been unfolding through a series of innovations showing up on the Internet underground: sophisticated and frightening, with far-reaching implications and, so far, met with...

Britain Pushes The Limits of Modern Surveillance

British citizens are debating the latest government surveillance efforts that both see and hear, with references to George Orwell, among other privacy complaints.

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