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Thor Olavsrud covers IT security, Big Data and open source technologies for He resides in New York.

Business Agility Drives Cloud Adoption

9 Tips for CIOs as Summer Vacations Hit

9 Tips for CIOs as Summer Vacations Hit

Have trouble leaving the office behind when you go on vacation? Here are nine tips to help give CIOs peace of mind when they (and their staff and fellow employees) head out for summer R&R.

Why a Media Giant Sold Its Data Center and Headed to the Cloud

Condé Nast's CTO says the media company is no longer in the business of maintaining a data center. It has gone 'all-in' on the cloud with Amazon Web Services.

IBM to Invest $3 Billion in Chips for Cloud, Big Data Systems

To address the physical limitations of silicon transistors, IBM is investing heavily in research of new chip architectures and materials to power new generations of cloud, big data and cognitive systems.

11 Market Trends in Advanced Analytics

11 Market Trends in Advanced Analytics

Offerings in the advanced analytics space are rapidly evolving to meet the changing needs of organizations that seek to infuse analytics into decision-making throughout the enterprise. Here are 11 market trends dominating the advanced

Data Scientists Frustrated by Data Variety, Find Hadoop Limiting

A survey of data scientists finds that a majority of them believe their work has grown more difficult as a result of the rapidly increasing variety of data sources they need to draw upon, and nearly a quarter feel Hadoop is not suited

Cloud Platform Simplifies Spark Clusters, Big Data Deployments

As part of his keynote at Spark Summit 2014, Databricks CEO Ion Stoica announced Databricks Cloud, a turnkey platform for in-memory cluster computing that promises huge performance improvements over Hadoop MapReduce for processing big

Are Digital Retailers Focusing Their Security in the Wrong Place?

Digital retailers spend the lion's share of their IT security budget on network security, but most experts say they'd be better off focusing elsewhere.

Native Data Analysis Comes to MongoDB

With the latest release of its business analytics and data integration platform, Pentaho claims to make it easier for organizations to apply analytics to their big data.

Microsoft Aims to Take Predictive Analytics Mainstream

Microsoft moves to make machine learning available for organizations of all sizes with a cloud-based machine learning service that uses visual workflows and templates.

10 Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 Success Stories

10 Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 Success Stories

Organizations around the world are unlocking business intelligence with the cloud-based Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 service. Here are 10 examples of its success in the real-world.

Jaspersoft Aims to Simplify Embedding Analytics and Visualizations

TIBCO Jaspersoft is offering up a new JavaScript framework to make it simple to embed full business intelligence capabilities into applications.

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