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Tom Kaneshige has been covering business and technology in Silicon Valley for two decades. As senior online writer at, Tom covers Silicon Valley culture, BYOD and consumer tech in the enterprise.

CIO-CMO Marriage Strained, But Can Be Saved

Like any relationship, the one between CIOs and CMOs requires trust and empathy to succeed. According to research from Accenture, there’s still a ways to go for the marriage to become a happy union.

Mobile Workers: ‘I Want My BlackBerry Back’

Mobile Workers: ‘I Want My BlackBerry Back’

The leading smartphones weren't designed with business implications in mind. One of the results: When IT gets access to popular smartphones, it gets access to everything. These privacy concerns are leading many users to ask for their...

Apple’s Partnership With IBM Leaves CIOs Hanging

CIOs have had little choice but to watch iPhones and iPads proliferate on their networks, even if securing and managing them is an IT headache. While the news of Apple and IBM joining forces in the mobile enterprise market grabbed...

How CIOs Can Boost Mobile App Adoption

Nearly 80 percent of mobile apps are abandoned after their first use, according to some reports. What can IT leaders do to keep that initial spike from plummeting after a couple of weeks?

Want to Know What  Millennials Want? Just Ask Them

Want to Know What Millennials Want? Just Ask Them

A survey of millennials finds, among other things, that Generation Y wants to be mobile and they don’t expect you to pay for it. But you better have a BYOD policy in place to support these consumer-tech-happy workers.

12 Irritating Co-Worker Types to Avoid

12 Irritating Co-Worker Types to Avoid

Every tech pro encounters his fair share of annoying co-workers, but they come in many shapes and forms. To help you quickly identify who you’re dealing with, highlights these 12 office personality types so you can avoid...

CIO Meets Mobile Challenges Head-on

CIO Meets Mobile Challenges Head-on

Embracing the mobility that end-users demand sometimes means CIOs must cast aside best practices. The shift to smartphones and tablets means enterprises must change how they think about employees, competitors and risk. Here’s how the

BYOD Users Work Longer and Earlier

According to a recent survey, the average BYOD-carrying employee works an extra two hours and sends 20 more emails every day.

Mobilizing Your Sales Team Brings Challenges, High Expectations to IT

Mobilizing Your Sales Team Brings Challenges, High Expectations to IT

Equipping your sales force with smartphones and tablets makes for more efficient and happier sales people. However, if sales pros are always connected, does your IT team need to become a 24/7 operation?

Why One CIO Is Saying 'No' to BYOD

A growing backlash threatens to thwart the BYOD movement. To illustrate the trend, the CIO of a large electrical contractor explains why his company will 'never have a BYOD environment.'

BYOD Stipends May Soon Go Away (If IT Gets Its Way)

Reimbursements for employees who bring their own mobile devices to work have gone through rapid-fire changes in just a few years. The most recent changes definitely don't favor workers. In fact, IT decision makers at companies...

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