'The Founder' embodies the spirit of success. Case in point, the story of Michael Dell's dorm room has become the stuff of legend. Now, we have learned that this was only the first act. Today, founders are paving their own creation stories. Launching. Pivoting. Disrupting. This is the lifecycle of a high growth business. It is also a philosophy that is spreading. No matter what our role or how established the company, we are all encouraged to think like founders. Dell #Founder Chats allows founders to tell their stories, provide advice and spark exciting innovation for all of us.

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Listening to the Inner Voice

Overcoming Ad-versity

Most people don’t have a favorable view of online ads, but why shouldn’t those ads be as compelling as other content available on the Web and mobile devices? That’s the question Giles Goodwin asks.

The Courage to Try

Eric S. Yuan knows about the challenges befalling those who can't communicate face-to-face.

RocketSpace Fuels Startups

How important is the right space to a startup? Duncan Logan knows. “It’s lonely and hard to keep up with the pace of change,” he says of his own experience as an entrepreneur. Logan knew there had to be a better way, so he founded...

Nebula: The Cloud from NASA – to You

The “Aha!” moment came at NASA, when Chris Kemp was CIO.

Defending Against Exploit Kits

Exploit kits comprised of malicious programs that identify and then attack cyber-vulnerabilities and spread malware represent the dark but massively profitable side of cybersecurity attacks.

Cybersecurity Challenges in 2013

The security issues affecting businesses are similar around the world. Most involve employees innocently bringing an infected personal mobile device into the corporate network, or clicking on a social media link that looks harmless...

Why Today's CIO Must Foster IT Agility

Dell CIO Robin Johnson explains how a company's lack of agility, the inability of its IT infrastructure to quickly incorporate a new business process that would give it a competitive edge, can be costly. Johnson explains why the price

5 Reasons Why CIOs Can't Ignore Consumerization of IT

Social media's emergence as a key business app is just one of the trends that have led to a point of no return on consumer IT. Dell's Paul D'Arcy explains -- and shares how CIOs can plan for and benefit from the consumerization of IT.

Cisco Announces Three New Security Certifications

It's Cisco Live this week - in London, at least. As usual, Cisco announced new certifications, this time all of them in security.

7 Tips to Make Your Business More Competitive

7 Tips to Make Your Business More Competitive

When it comes to cutting costs, tech managers should seize the opportunity to refocus their IT departments in a way that makes the business more competitive, reduces the impact of IT budget cuts, drives performance improvement and...

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