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Our bloggers: Mike Kavis is a veteran Chief Architect with over 23 years of IT experience including distributed computing, SOA, BPM, data warehouse, business intelligence, and enterprise architecture. Former applications developers Rich Levin has been implementing, advising on, and writing about information technology for over 20 years, covered computer technology for CBS Radio and hosts the popular "PC Talk" show. Nicholas Petreley is a former programmer and consultant, has worked for InfoWorld, Computerworld, LinuxWorld and Network Computing World, webzines, and serves as contributing editor for CIO, focusing on SOA as a primary area of coverage.

5 Ways Cloud Computing Is Like Open Source

A decade ago, most IT departments denounced open-source software. Now they embrace the way that open source encourages innovation while saving money. The furor over cloud computing shows that history is repeating itself. The outcome should be the same, columnist Bernard Golden says.

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The Top Priorities

Cautious optimism is the anecdotal sentiment we hear most often when discussing the health and demeanor of enterprise IT, and data in a recent Network World technology priorities study bears that out.

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A Tale of Two Architectures

Despite the tension between Software Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture initiatives in recent years, and their competition for funding and resources, the two efforts actually go hand in hand. Focusing on only one effort causes suboptimal returns on the other, with a serious and negative impact on your SOA investments. Dan Rosanova details how this can happen and how to avoid it.

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Steering a Business Through the Recessionary Storm

Weathering the recessionary storm shouldn't mean just perpetuating the status quo until the tempest clears. Richard Sykes identifies three transformational exercises that will deliver rapid benefits: SaaS, commoditized data services, and SOA.

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Burton Group: SOA is Dead; Long Live Services

Although the word "SOA" is dead, the requirement for service-oriented architecture is stronger than ever.

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The SOA Knowledge Gap

The traditional corporate hierarchy--the organizational structure that serves the company's business needs--can get in the way of software developers who need to create a service-oriented architecture which serves the business as a whole. Here's how to address some of the thorny issues it raises, especially in the process of gathering business requirements.

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Confusing Nouns and Verbs: A Common Pitfall in SOA and Integration Initiatives

SOA projects can go drastically off course when they get tangled up in inter-system dependencies and new capabilities in myriad legacy systems. This can be the death knell of a service-oriented architecture initiative, as it falls behind schedule and runs over budget.

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SOA What? Why You Need an SOA Governance Framework

Igor Khurgin and Saurabh Verma of Acument Solutions explain why your enterprise needs a SOA governance framework before lawlessness takes over.

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John Stepper Teaches Deutsche Bank to Sprecken Ze SOA

Deutsche Bank Managing IT Director John Stepper explains how he is building service-oriented architecture into the engine... with the car running.

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A Rare Collection of Celebrity Endorsements for SOA

Service-oriented architecture may be suffering from a PR disadvantage because few, if any, celebrities endorse it. If that is the problem, this blog entry is the cure.

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