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A rising tide lifts all boats

The urgency of recognizing and satisfying unknown software needs

It’s the unknown unknowns that get you! Using marketing technology as an example, we examine ways of exposing unknown software needs and evaluate the urgency of satisfying them.


Advertising jumps to life with Hololens

Microsoft demonstrated at Build how the Hololens could transform the sales process, bringing objects to life.

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Microsoft: No baked-in ad blocker for you!

Microsoft does not plan to build an online ad blocker into its Edge browser, a company engineer said today.

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IBM to buy consulting specialist Bluewolf

IBM sees customers of as key to growing revenue at its Global Business Services consulting division.

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Report: Microsoft will build ad blocking into a future version of Microsoft Edge

According to a report, Microsoft is working to build ad blocking into Microsoft Edge.

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5 ways your content strategy needs to adapt in 2016

Adaptability is a key part of any content strategy. Here are five different adjustments you can make to your own editorial calendar.

ISPs have built huge data systems to track you with, report says

Web users face growing privacy threats as large Internet service providers partner with or gobble up data brokers with the goal of better tracking their customers, a privacy advocate says.

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French publishers are cracking down on Web freeloaders

France declared war on freeloaders this week, as the Paris Métro cracked down on ticket fraud and the nation's newspapers formed a bloc against ad-blockers. But it seems freeloading does still pay.

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Fun infographic depicts evolution of marketing automation tools

Marketing automation technologies evolved from clunky old robots 'to the next generation sales and marketing assistants [SMBs] have always dreamed of,' according to an infographic from Agile CRM.

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Facebook aims to kill banner ads, but will the industry follow?

Facebook backpedaled on its ad-buying business for publishers after the company discovered an overwhelming volume of poor and fraudulent ads. However, banner ads and other 'valueless' ads won't simply disappear from the Web,...

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Opera's new browser blocks ads natively

Opera Software has updated its desktop browser to block ads without the need for a plug-in.

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Opera's testing a browser that kills ads, accelerating webpage loading by up to 90 percent

A new developer edition of Opera's browser includes built-in ad blocking, the first desktop browser to do so. That significantly reduces the time webpages take to load, improving your surfing experience.

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7 ways Windows 10 pushes ads at you, and how to stop them

Regardless of whether you upgrade from Windows 7 or pay $100 for a new license, Windows 10 bombards you with ads. Here's how to make them stop.

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LinkedIn takes to TV with 'moon shot' ad

A flashy new TV advertisement from LinkedIn aims to remind its professional users that they are 'closer than they think' to landing their dream job … even if those dreams include space exploration. However, critics have mixed...

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Facebook's Canvas a ‘big moment’ for mobile ads

Facebook yesterday announced a new full-screen, mobile ad format called Canvas that's designed to help advertisers engage customers with detailed brand experiences.

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Two different routes to crowdsourcing indoor location data at Mobile World Congress

Determining indoor location based on Wi-Fi signal strength is easy enough if you know precisely where the access points are located, but gathering that information across a wide area is time-consuming. What, though, if you could offer...

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Ads in Messenger could be Facebook's next big thing

Facebook is reportedly readying a new user-initiated advertising medium within its popular Messenger app that could reshape the ad industry.

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These European mobile networks will block 'irrelevant' ads on customers’ phones

Two European mobile network operators are hoping to profit from mobile advertising -- by allowing customers to block irrelevant or excessive ads. But buyer beware: Blocking irrelevant advertising is just another way of saying...

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