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click fraud

Angry advertisers hope to seal fate of online ad fraud

Certified Against Fraud is the brainchild of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), of which the ANA is one of the founders. It plans to award seals to advertising buyers, sellers, and intermediaries that meet its anti-fraud...


The best ad blockers for iOS devices?

There are quite a few ad blockers available in the iOS app store, but which ones are people actually using? And how well do they work?

spying eye cyberespionage surveillance

An HTTPS hijacking click-fraud botnet infects almost 1 million computers

Over the past two years, a group of cybercriminals has infected almost 1 million computers with malware that hijacks search results, even when they're served over encrypted HTTPS connections.

mobile ads

Online advertising has a dark side, but IT can shed some light

There are many ways that online numbers can be inflated that have nothing to do with real people looking at actual ads or content.

monitor blocked ads opera for computers

Opera pulls trigger on baked-in ad blocker

Company argues the move will create a faster browser, something most customers want.

truce white flag

Is a truce possible in the ad-blocking war?

Online advertisers and ad-blocking software makers don’t have much nice to say about one another. But amid the antagonistic rhetoric, both sides agree there is room for compromise – by making the user experience a priority.

google play with ads

Google Play now warns users of apps that contain advertising

Developers were warned last year that a move was coming. It could force Android developers to start charging for content that is now free.

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Which is more effective, paid advertising or content marketing?

Outbound and inbound marketing are both important to make sure your business thrives, but which does paid advertising or content marketing give you more bang for your buck?

A rising tide lifts all boats

The urgency of recognizing and satisfying unknown software needs

It’s the unknown unknowns that get you! Using marketing technology as an example, we examine ways of exposing unknown software needs and evaluate the urgency of satisfying them.


Advertising jumps to life with Hololens

Microsoft demonstrated at Build how the Hololens could transform the sales process, bringing objects to life.

ad blocker blocker

Microsoft: No baked-in ad blocker for you!

Microsoft does not plan to build an online ad blocker into its Edge browser, a company engineer said today.

IBM logo

IBM to buy consulting specialist Bluewolf

IBM sees customers of as key to growing revenue at its Global Business Services consulting division.

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Report: Microsoft will build ad blocking into a future version of Microsoft Edge

According to a report, Microsoft is working to build ad blocking into Microsoft Edge.

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5 ways your content strategy needs to adapt in 2016

Adaptability is a key part of any content strategy. Here are five different adjustments you can make to your own editorial calendar.

ISPs have built huge data systems to track you with, report says

Web users face growing privacy threats as large Internet service providers partner with or gobble up data brokers with the goal of better tracking their customers, a privacy advocate says.

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French publishers are cracking down on Web freeloaders

France declared war on freeloaders this week, as the Paris Métro cracked down on ticket fraud and the nation's newspapers formed a bloc against ad-blockers. But it seems freeloading does still pay.

marketing automation gears

Fun infographic depicts evolution of marketing automation tools

Marketing automation technologies evolved from clunky old robots 'to the next generation sales and marketing assistants [SMBs] have always dreamed of,' according to an infographic from Agile CRM.

facebook logo

Facebook aims to kill banner ads, but will the industry follow?

Facebook backpedaled on its ad-buying business for publishers after the company discovered an overwhelming volume of poor and fraudulent ads. However, banner ads and other 'valueless' ads won't simply disappear from the Web,...

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