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Yahoo has reasons of its own to help mobile developers

The company holds its first-ever mobile developer conference this week

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8 Lead Generation Strategies That Will Boost Your Sales

How do you find and reach your target audience? Sales and digital marketing experts share their tips on the best ways to garner qualified sales leads.

Twitter acquires Niche, a social-media talent scout

Niche helps online stars on services like Vine to find advertisers


Samsung's Latest Smart TV Snafu Injects Pepsi Ads into Your Personal Videos

After fending off privacy concerns around voice recognition in its smart TVs, Samsung is facing new complaints about ads appearing in users' video streams.

Tech Ad Watch: CTIA Makes Dumb, Poorly-Staged Video to Protest Title II

And here I thought we were done with issue ads for at least a few more months, before the insanity of the 2016 elections really takes off. Thanks to apparent coming of Net Neutrality/Title II regulations for the wireless industry,...

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Mobile Marketing Means Much More Than Apps

Most marketers are rushing to deliver mobile apps, but the mobile Web remains one of the most effective channels for sales and customer engagements.

Malicious advertisements on major sites compromised many computers

New vulnerabilities in Flash combined with malicious ads are helping attackers

Here's how to block 'whitelist' ads from AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus has been under fire for whitelisting ads; it's easy to turn them off, though.

Verizon to Allow Opt-Outs of Dubious Perma-Cookie Program, But isn't Giving Up

Verizon is rethinking how it tampers with user Web traffic just as the U.S. Senate starts asking questions.

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What Makes Marketing Work?

Today’s marketer is expected to be tech-savvy and data-driven, but marketing is more art than science. This eye-catching infographic shows some of best-liked and most-memorable marketing slogans. Experts also weigh in on why work.

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How Facebook is Using Autoplaying Videos and Ad Tech to Make Billions

Now a $10 billion+ business, Facebook looks to the next decade.

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Why Social Listening Platforms Are Failing

Social listening services promise to capture and analyze the buzz about a particular brand on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. The problem is they don’t come cheap and they aren’t working.

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Super Bowl XLIX’s Techiest Commercials

T-Mobile, BMW, Coke and Bud Light get geeky.


Proximity-Based Advertising Closer Than You Think

Proximity-identification and real-time targeted marketing are the future, and this ‘Minority Report’ type advertising is coming soon thanks to mobile and biometric technology.

Advertising company Turn will stop using Verizon's mobile tracking ID

However, Turn maintained there's nothing wrong with using Verizon's UIDH header to recreate cookies

How to protect yourself against Verizon's mobile tracking

There are several tools that can block third-party advertising companies from zeroing in on your Web browsing

Scroogled No More: Microsoft's Anti-Google Campaign Slinks Away For Good

Microsoft's Scroogled Website disappears, marking the end of the Redmond's sleazy ad campaign against one of its biggest competitors.

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How to Use Ebooks to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing and publishing experts share tips on how to 'fatten up' your content marketing tools with ebooks, as well as offer best practices and advice on how to get the most ROI from your efforts.

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Twitter Looks to Expand Advertising Efforts Beyond its Own Site

Twitter looks to team up with publishers to display ads on other websites.

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