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Xfinity Wi-Fi signs

Comcast's Open Wi-Fi Hotspots Inject Ads Into Your Browser

Comcast wants you to be sure you're connecting to an authentic Xfinity hotspot, so it's injecting JavaScript ads into your browser.

Malicious advertising hits Amazon, YouTube and Yahoo, Cisco says

The 'Kyle and Stan' network has been running since May

social media junk

How to Make Sure Your Social Marketing Isn’t 'Junk'

Your customers are growing tired of all the marketing being thrown their way on social media, says Forrester analyst Kim Celestre, who offers a list of five different ways brands can offer utility marketing.

atishbanerjea cio nbcu

NBCUniversal's CIO Partners With Ad Sales to Expand Revenue Opportunities

Atish Banerjea, CIO of NBCUniversal, talks about the media giant's sales consolidation platform and also advises future CIOs to spend as much time understanding the business as they spend staying up-to-date on the latest technologies. ...

Firefox nightly browser with ads

Mozilla Presses Forward With New Revenue Plan, Debuts Ads in Firefox Preview

Mozilla has added small ads to the new tab page of Firefox's roughest-edged Nightly build.

click bait

Facebook Vows to Destroy Click Bait and the Results Could Be Shocking

Facebook says it’s growing tired of some publisher’s bait-for-click tactics and wants to reduce the amount of sensationalized content that appears in users’ news feeds. It won’t be easy, though.

Twitter expands European advertising network

Twitter expanded after experiencing 'tremendous growth' in the region, it said

Facebook moves to rid its feed of click bait

Links with bold headlines that don't provide much value may appear less frequently in people's feeds

Report: Amazon building ad system to compete with Google's

The system may resemble Google's AdWords for keyword-targeted ads


New Browser Extension Warns You When Articles Are Paid For By Advertisers

Native advertising and sponsored content is a big trend at news sites these days. A new browser extension helps let you know when what you're reading is not editorial content.

mobile advertising

How Social Networks Are Changing Mobile Advertising

Why is Facebook, and more recently Twitter, delivering results in mobile advertising while most others continue to struggle? Digital marketing experts weigh in on the secret to mobile advertising success.

Tech Big Shots Take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg & Tim Cook among those raising awareness for disease

Twitter sets the stage for video ads

A new program, now in beta, allows for paid video content in people's feeds


Twitter Flips Ad Model to Rival Facebook’s Structure

Advertisers on Twitter can now create campaigns with specific objectives in mind and pay only when those goals are met. The shift away from a cost-per-engagement model puts the company on pace with Facebook and its refined ad...

Youtube logo

Audience Is Dead, Long Live Active Content Consumers

Today's hyperactive users present brands with exponentially more opportunity than the passive audiences of years passed. On YouTube, users are seeking out and finding the content they want with no direction. To tell your brand's story...

'Canvas fingerprinting' tracking is sneaky but easy to halt

At least two browser extensions can stop the tracking method, which was in wide use earlier this year


New Google Maps Ads Blend in With Their Surroundings

Google overhauled advertising for Maps on PCs and mobile by putting them front and center whenever you search for a local business.

Stealthy Web tracking tools pose increasing privacy risks to users

The use of such tracking tools may be unknown to most users, according to a research paper

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