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Snapchat rolling out non-'creepy' ads that still might get creepy

The company has a fair amount of data that could be used to target its ads

Hackers strike defense companies through real-time ad bidding

Malicious advertisements are being 'micro-targeted' at defense companies, Invincea said

Facebook doubles reward for bug reports in advertising code

Facebook will pay a minimum of US$1,000 for a valid ads-related vulnerability through December

For Advertisers, True YouTube Rivals are Few and Far Between

Online video is a valuable format for advertisers, and YouTube dominates the space. Even with so much money at stake, YouTube's would-be competitors significantly lag behind in the majority of metrics.

YouTube served malicious advertisements, Trend Micro says

The advertisements redirected victims to the Sweet Orange exploit kit, which tries to install malware


Social Media Still Has Little Marketing Impact in Hollywood

Social media has a long way to go before it's a star in Hollywood. Film studio executives say that even when the most socially savvy stars tweet regularly to promote their latest project, it makes no difference overall.

facebook app

Facebook's Location-Based Ads Pitch You on the Stores You Walk By

A new ad format lets businesses target users by geographic radius.

Facebook, armed with data, helps others show mobile ads

Facebook's mobile advertising network is now open for business

Businessman shooting arrows at a target and failing

Why Do Contextual Ads Fail?

Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon violate our privacy in order to show us relevant ads. So why do their ads miss the mark?

As the Tentacles of Facebook's Data Dpread, Privacy Questions Resurface

A rebuilt advertising server makes use of Facebook user data across the wider Web

facebook ad dollars

How Facebook Plans to Control Digital Advertising

Facebook has been relatively quiet about its plans for Atlas since it acquired the ad server from Microsoft last year. But now the social network is poised to unleash its trove of user data for greater control over digital advertising...

sorry diamond edit

Sorriest Technology Companies of 2014

It’s so far been another sorry, sorry year in the technology industry, with big name companies, hot startups and individuals making public mea culpas for the assorted dumb, embarrassing and other regrettable actions. Here’s a rundown...

Eye looking at data and analytics

Progressive Insurance Uses Data Analytics to Fine-Tune Ad Strategy

Progressive Insurance deploys open-source data analytics software to optimize its ad strategy to drive new customers to its website to buy a policy.

Xfinity Wi-Fi signs

Comcast's Open Wi-Fi Hotspots Inject Ads Into Your Browser

Comcast wants you to be sure you're connecting to an authentic Xfinity hotspot, so it's injecting JavaScript ads into your browser.

Malicious advertising hits Amazon, YouTube and Yahoo, Cisco says

The 'Kyle and Stan' network has been running since May

social media junk

How to Make Sure Your Social Marketing Isn’t 'Junk'

Your customers are growing tired of all the marketing being thrown their way on social media, says Forrester analyst Kim Celestre, who offers a list of five different ways brands can offer utility marketing.

atishbanerjea cio nbcu

NBCUniversal's CIO Partners With Ad Sales to Expand Revenue Opportunities

Atish Banerjea, CIO of NBCUniversal, talks about the media giant's sales consolidation platform and also advises future CIOs to spend as much time understanding the business as they spend staying up-to-date on the latest technologies. ...

Firefox nightly browser with ads

Mozilla Presses Forward With New Revenue Plan, Debuts Ads in Firefox Preview

Mozilla has added small ads to the new tab page of Firefox's roughest-edged Nightly build.

click bait

Facebook Vows to Destroy Click Bait and the Results Could Be Shocking

Facebook says it’s growing tired of some publisher’s bait-for-click tactics and wants to reduce the amount of sensationalized content that appears in users’ news feeds. It won’t be easy, though.

Twitter expands European advertising network

Twitter expanded after experiencing 'tremendous growth' in the region, it said

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