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Proximity-Based Advertising Closer Than You Think

Proximity-identification and real-time targeted marketing are the future, and this ‘Minority Report’ type advertising is coming soon thanks to mobile and biometric technology.

Advertising company Turn will stop using Verizon's mobile tracking ID

However, Turn maintained there's nothing wrong with using Verizon's UIDH header to recreate cookies

How to protect yourself against Verizon's mobile tracking

There are several tools that can block third-party advertising companies from zeroing in on your Web browsing

Scroogled No More: Microsoft's Anti-Google Campaign Slinks Away For Good

Microsoft's Scroogled Website disappears, marking the end of the Redmond's sleazy ad campaign against one of its biggest competitors.

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How to Use Ebooks to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing and publishing experts share tips on how to 'fatten up' your content marketing tools with ebooks, as well as offer best practices and advice on how to get the most ROI from your efforts.

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Twitter Looks to Expand Advertising Efforts Beyond its Own Site

Twitter looks to team up with publishers to display ads on other websites.

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Twitter Talks Up Its Starring Role in Entertainment

Twitter is unmatched in terms of the exposure and interest it attracts throughout the entertainment industry. At CES, Twitter execs explained how its data enables smarter decisions and transforms business practices, in the media world...

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GameZone, Huffington Post Hit By Malvertising Attack

Criminals hijacked ads on AOL's network and served drive-by malware downloads to visitors to the Huffington Post, LA Weekly, GameZone, and other sites last week

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Google Talks Video Ads at CES

At CES, Google's head of display and video ad products outlined three trends in the world of online video advertising and offered insights for marketers on where the market is headed in 2015.

FTC ends inquiry into manipulated reviews on Yelp

Some businesses claimed Yelp strong-armed them into buying ads.

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Facebook: Don't Advertise With Us If You Don't See Clear ROI

Facebook put its money where its metaphorical mouth is when it comes to advertisers' dollars and suggested companies that don't have confidence in Facebook's capability to demonstrate clear advertising ROI should bring their ad...

How your in-store shopping affects the ads you see on Facebook

Tracking offline sales will play a big role in Facebook's advertising moving forward

Apple Shows Us Unrealistically Interesting Things to Do With iPad Air 2

There’s always something funny about tablet ads that show people doing all sorts of unique and creative things with their iPads.

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Why Ad Tech Consolidation Is Good for CIOs

There is simply not enough room for the flurry of ad tech companies emerging today. Consolidation is inevitable, and these mergers and acquisitions will represent both a challenge and an opportunity for CIOs.


In the Digital Enterprise Everyone Needs to Think SEO

Since the dawn of the Web when Google first learned to crawl, search engine optimization has been a key to Internet success, but today it's more important that ever. The Home Depot’s SEO manager talks about how SEO now ‘stretches...

Twitter, in time for the holidays, puts digital coupons in your feed

The tool requires people to store their payment information with Twitter

Adobe can now send customized messages to beacon apps

The company is hoping its customers will use analytics features to prevent messaging fatigue

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CMOs Must Capitalize on Digital Moments of Engagement

Thanks to access to the latest technology, CMOs have become managers of a potentially prosperous customer journey that runs from initial contact to building loyalty. So why are digital marketers feeling alone and overwhelmed?

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