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4 ways to make agile and waterfall work together

In theory, the two methodologies don’t mix. In practice, they almost always have to. Here are four tactics to make these opposites work together.

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The art of maximizing work not done

How should your technology organization decrease wasteful work? Following lean and agile principles will guide the way. Increase flow and decrease variability using Donald Reinertsen's techniques.

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How to contract for outsourcing agile development

The buttoned-up contracting approaches used for traditional software won’t work for outsourced agile projects. Here’s how to implement different protections for agile development agreements.

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Red Hat polishes JBoss EAP for a cloud-native future

Red Hat on Monday rolled out a major new release to its JBoss Enterprise Application Platform that's designed to offer better support for containers and cloud-native applications.

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Financial services firm adopts agile for digital development

Principal Financial Group turned to agile to quickly build more software for its insurance, retirement planning and asset management customers.

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Who is watching after your agile money?

In the digital age, the speed of business change is historically unprecedented and exponentially increasing. The traditional enterprise IT model has reached its max speed, and enterprises are investing in agile development by the...

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Spirit AeroSystems CIO: Simplicity key to speedy IT

Rich Richardson, CIO of Spirit AeroSystems, discusses how he strategically drives complexity out of IT.

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How agile helps attract and retain millennial engineers

IT organizations hungry for talent are finding the agile methodology is great for attracting and retaining the next generation of engineers and developers.

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Is your IT ready for the digital age?

Technological advances in the digital age are profoundly impacting the business models, competitive forces, customer behaviors and regulatory environments. The ability to exploit the speed of business change has therefore become a key...

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$59 for a $4,099 CompTIA-IT Certification Career Advancement Bundle - Deal Alert

This bundle of courses will prep you for the Network+, Security+, Cloud Essentials, and Cloud+ exams, and is available for only $59-- a significant markdown from its $4,099 value.

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How agile helps attract and retain millennial tech pros

IT organizations are in search of talent, but they are finding that the agile methodology is great for attracting and retaining the next generation of engineers and developers.

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10 reasons you should be using agile

Agile development provides many advantages over the waterfall alternative, but some organizations have been reluctant to make the switch. This article describes the benefits for CIOs who are considering a move to agile.

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Paving the way for digital transformation

How a CIO helped maximize a legacy business while helping create an innovative new business.

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How business-IT partnerships develop operational analytics

A look at some experiences with innovative solutions in data management, developed through collaboration between business and IT.

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80% off XML & Ajax Programming Bootcamp - Deal Alert

Add These Critical Skills to Your Coding Resume with 34 Hours of Training. Discounted for a limited time from $199 to just $39.

Discovery through Research

Are you building the right solution?

Bringing the right product that provides value to your end users warrants an Agile process in discovering whether the solution being built will be used. Using lean principles and kaizen to validate ideas with end users saves costly...

Signs you're doing agile wrong

15 signs you’re doing agile wrong

Misconceptions and 'best practices' may have your team spinning wheels rather than continuously churning out productive code

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85% off Foundations of Front-End Development Course - Deal Alert

This course covers the basic programming concepts and languages required for creating engaging websites from scratch. It's $199 list price has been dramatically discounted to just $29.

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