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Why one real estate CIO is sold on agile

A part of a plan to increase business value, Marcus & Millichap is embracing agile software development as it plans to refresh or replace several applications in 2016, says CIO Ken Sayward.

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10 outsourcing trends to watch in 2016

Experts expect a number of shifts in the IT outsourcing industry in 2016. Some of these shifts include a focus on hyper-speed deal making, new multi-sourcing headaches, more man-machine collaboration and more.

2016 software predictions

5 enterprise software predictions for 2016

What does the future of software look like? Experts share their opinions on how the industry will shift in 2016.

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Ford draws on Pivotal to reshape developer culture

Ford engineers are traveling in teams to Pivotal Labs in Toronto to work with Pivotal engineers to learn agile pair programming. The Ford engineers are bringing those lessons back to Michigan to help transform Ford's IT culture.

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Top 5 reasons agile is a good idea

Here are my 5 top reasons why switching to agile may be good for your organization.

7 Signs You're Doing Devops Wrong

Why are we racing to DevOps?

While it seems the IT world is rushing to embrace the concept of DevOps, not everyone agrees on what it actually means. Pivoting toward something that’s still a bit fuzzy might sound alarms in your organization, but you might not be...

Agile Development Tools for Working at Warp Speed

9 agile development tools for working at warp speed

Agile everywhere: Powerful, intuitive tools are spreading the agile gospel from software development to the business at large

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How to test for a best in class agile data warehouse environment

Having a solid testing strategy and tool set is a foundational part of enabling agile data warehouse development. This article describes an approach that ensures solid testing that can be done efficiently and effectively in an agile...

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Why enterprise DevOps will make IT organizations and CIOs relevant

DevOps approaches that deliver tangible business benefits and make IT organizations and CIOs relevant to business lines.

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Facebook makes app accessibility easier with React framework updates

Facebook is making it easier for app developers to build programs that work for people who are visually impaired after the company updated its React and React Native programming frameworks on Monday.

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New Docker tool removes a big barrier for enterprises

Making containers enterprise-ready has been a theme at this week's DockerCon EU conference in Barcelona, and on Tuesday Docker itself launched a new tool with that goal in mind.

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Bimodal is a cop-out

Why would an organization adopt bimodal IT? It says an IT group needs to move both quickly and slowly for an effective digital workplace. I recommend that CIOs embrace DevOps – the jewel in the crown in the cloud world – and apply its...


Building the foundation with a high-level architecture

Third in a series of articles that describes foundational steps to enable agile data warehouse development. Prior installments describe approaches for defining a business process model and initial data governance. This third article...

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Building the foundation for sound data governance

Second in a series of articles that describes foundational steps to enable agile data warehouse development. The first installment described how to develop a business conceptual model as a starting point. This article shows how to...


Enterprise IT appears to be going insane

Business users are frustrated with the enterprise IT function because of its inability to meet their business needs in a timely fashion. This frustration is not new and has been around since organizations first centralized IT into a...

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When validation doesn’t rule

Every once in a while, somebody comes up with a great idea that is really dangerous. Here’s some ammunition you can use to counter one we’ve encountered.

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7 agile certifications to take your career to the next level

The agile methodology has changed the face of software development and project management. It’s also increased demand for professionals with agile skills. Here are seven Agile-focused certifications to benchmark your knowledge.

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Agile innovations in data management

A look at best practices learned while using agile development methodologies for enterprise data management solutions, including an enterprise data warehouse, data governance, data quality, integrated analytics and reporting. It...

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